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Re: Can I think that someone spoke as if he/she was mad and not really be?

That's exactly what we're trying now. If I feel like I'm going to lash out, I just leave the room. I'm also working on adjusting my reactions. When she speaks louder in order to be heard from a distance, the tone can sound a little frustrated. Over the years I've learned to reassess the situation to take context into consideration. It's worked for the most part so I'm trying to do the same with all my reactions. We've been married over 18 years and I've spent a long time thinking it wasn't me so it's not the easiest change to affect but I know it's possible. For me, that's the trick. If I know I can do it, regardless how hard, then I can't give up because it's just down to tenacity and I'll be damned if I'm not the most stubborn person I've ever met!
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