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Vyvanse for ADHD helping with Binge Eating

Has anyone with ADHD got a major Binge eating problem? For the last 3 years i've suffered with sever binge eating where i eat so much I'm in excruciating pain and keep going. Almost like i have a death wish. I could eat myself to death. When i manage to finally stop and almost lose my breath and can barely walk myself to my bed I break down and cry from the uncontrollable episode that just took place. Since I was diagnosed with ADHD and take Vyvanse I could never binge (over eat yes) but binge no, while on the drug. In fact it has been so helpful that I now split the dose to cover me for the second half of day because when I no longer feel the drug active I go back to my normal self, agitated, stressed, want to eat my feelings and resist sleep and feel empty and horrible.

Has anyone got the same or similar issues? On vyvanse and reaping the benefits?
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