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Symptoms on day 1 from anti dep??

Well, I landed in a deep hole recently after being fired from a 10 year employmeny over economic issues.... tore my safety net away in an instant.

So Ive been perscriped Brintellix 10mg, 1 a day.

Im just wondering if the sideeffects should show their ugly face already after one day. Day 1, 14 hours after the first pill or so, I experienced my first excertion headache.... it was violent. Wrapped my skull and ached my neck. It subsided a little when calmed down but I had this lingering small headache the rest of the day.

Day 2. Was in the supermarket shopping groceries for dinner. Had my son with me. We had just been out walking the woods for 1.5 hour, but only my hands were a bit cold.
At one point I have to stop and just stand there. A blanket of dizzyness and slight confusion washed over me and lasted a few minutes. Made it hard for me to concentrate on what I needed to buy for lasagna... ended up forgetting two things.
It then went away and the rest of the night was ok.
Also... a t the same moment my right hand felt colder and I had a sting or throb in the palm next to my thumb.
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