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Thumbs up I Have Finally Found The Right Med To Help My Depression As An ADHD Person

Just wanted to share my experience with those who are struggling to find what works. I figure us who have ADHD and depression may have a similar brain chemistry. My doctor prescribed me Cymbalta for ADHD (off-label) and depression. It has worked wonders. I also take Modafinil for ADHD as needed. But honestly the Cymbalta does all the work. Many psychiatrist who specialize in ADHD presribe SNRI's such as Cymbalta, Effexor, and Wellbutrin for ADHD when someone has co-existing depression. More specifically, my psychiatrist honors the rule of the 7 different types of ADHD which you can test for with a quick Google search. She had me take a test at her office and determind I'm the overfocused type of ADHD, which is a fit for SNRI treatment, and known to not respond well to stimulants.

I hope this helps someone in their plight to find the right medication. I know how frustrating it is. I didn't respond well to Adderall and actually started abusing it. Maybe consider talking to your doctor about SNRI's for your ADHD if you have co-existing depression?

Take care.
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