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Re: Newly diagnosed 11 year old

Thank you for the reply and all of the suggestions. I was told by the counselor that we should just do the 504 plan since he is not failing all of his classes. I thought that sounded silly but figured he knew what he was talking about.

With the 504 plan, can the teacher still do everyday lunch detention? I am waiting for the school counselor to call me back regarding this. My son needs a break during the day, it will only make his behavior worse if she keeps him in lunch detention. If there is no way around it then I will leave work and pick him up for lunch everyday . This teacher is so frustrating. She has him sit in the back of the class and is just a real b. Sorry, I am really annoyed with her.

Is there really much of a difference between the 504 and IEP? Does just the ADD diagnosis make him eligible for an IEP?
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