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Re: Newly diagnosed 11 year old

Originally Posted by dihard View Post
I spoke with the counselor yesterday and he told me that my son does not qualify at this time for an IEP. I asked why and he said that ADD is not a disability that affects how someone learns. I say BS. i think that they do not want to do the work of an IEP if they do not have to and it is just easier to try the 504. I am going to give the 504 plan a month and if nothing is changed I will demand an IEP.

On another note, my son took his meds yesterday and today because he said he wanted to
That is great about the meds, I really hope that helps.

Regarding the 504 vs. the IEP. Yeah, I was also told ADHD isn't an IEP thing, so I demanded they do the testing for a learning disability. NOTHING matched up. What he could explain verbally vs what he could explain non-verbally, well there was a huge difference. I had to go round robin with them for over a year and in the end he was classified as OHI (Otherwise Health Impaired). So yeah, the counselor is correct ADHD is not a coded reason for an IEP, but OHI sure as heck is!

Both of my children are on an IEP for ADHD. My son spaces out for 20 minutes each class period, THAT affect how he learns. My daughter appears to be UNABLE to stay in her seat during class. She needs her water bottle, a band aid, to get something from her book bag, to tell the teacher something urgently...which has NEVER actually been urgent...etc. Constantly up and down and focused on your next excuse to get up can also affect how she learns.

The extended time to hand in the assignments...that COULD be put on a 504 as could what they call preferential seating. That is seating that is more likely to allow the kid to focus on a teacher, such as front and center, or next to her desk. The two things I felt were vital to my kids educational success was a study hall for my son and co-taught classes for both of my kids. Those are only allowed under an IEP because they cost money. It doesn't really cost the school anything to get the kid extra time for a test or extended time to turn in your work, so those can be on the 504.

If I were you I would email the guidance counselor and copy the vice principle in charge of student affairs and say something like "I've thought about our conversation today and I can't see how a medical condition like ADHD would NOT interfere with how ADHD a kid learns or why my child would not qualify for an Individualized Education Plan since he has a documented medeical condition that appears to me to affect how he learns. Can you please go into that further, there has to be another catagory for an IEP, perhaps we need to hold a meeting to discuss this in person?"

THAT right there has red flags all over it that that counselor just opened up the school for a lawsuit, you will get your meeting and I'm betting it will have WAY more than the counselor there.
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