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Re: Late diagnosis - What were you like as a child?

Hmm where to start...
I did ok the first part of school but had a really hard time making friends I was just socially awkward and shy or whatever...never knew what to say

Grade wise I did alright, math was my worst subject and in 3rd grade and up I had to stay after school to be tutored and STILL never really "got" it

I was definitely a loner but not really by choice. For one I'm an only child and for another when I was really little I was bossy and didn't share I got older I was just the odd one out

Hated sports of any kind and was never good at them

Teachers liked me because I was always quiet and I kind of kissed their behinds so they wouldn't hate me so much for having to explain something 5 different times

I did get in trouble for "not paying attention" I would zone out and not know I was doing it.

At around 13 I started staying up late and got really lazy. It was IMPOSSIBLE for me to get up in the morning (or go to bed at a decent hour) and in 6th grade I started just flat out refusing to go to school so I got in trouble for excessive absences but never went to truancy court.

As a result of my bad 6th grade year my parents "home schooled" me for the rest of high school. This actually worked pretty well for me since I could go to bed late and wake up at noon and stay up till 2 am doing my schoolwork when my brain was most active and my energy level the most high.
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