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Re: Paralyzing fear due to procrastination- lack of ability to take action

Originally Posted by sarahsweets View Post
I am afraid to read what she said. I am afraid to log in. I am afraid to see what I missed. I feel like a failure already. I did do all the reading for the first module but I do not even know how to proceed. I was thinking of emailing the teacher and telling her what happened and finding out if there is any sort of redemption. I am not worried about catching up on the work as far as understanding it but I seriously do not know how to proceed. I am soooo afraid. I am a brave person and have taken on so many scarier things but this feels like the worst.
Having just gone through a similar situation and reading your description of how you felt and how it perfectly described how I was feeling, caught me a little off guard. I'd like to express my deepest sympathies to you for having to go through this as I know the pain caused by this seemingly paradoxical way of thinking can be overwhelming enough to halt everything.

The best advice I can give, which has already been briefly been mentioned here and has made a world of difference in my situation: Third party accountability.

Having somebody with a general knowledge of the situation you're in, with an interest in seeing you succeed (the feeling can be mutual!) follow up with you, explain things that can seem easy to understand, but somehow just don't click until said aloud by somebody else who understands. Somebody who can remind you of the 'obvious' things that seem to be overlooked, forgotten, or just buried deep in anxiety and runaway thoughts of worst-case scenarios.

Having that second perspective, especially from somebody who wants to see you succeed, has helped me do a 'hard reset' and pick things back up again when they seem to be running wildly out of control.

I would lastly suggest that you always try and remember that doing something is better than doing nothing. I know this can be very difficult when it seems as though all your options seem destined for failure or far too difficult to achieve realistically, but I promise once the ball gets rolling, even just a little bit, this can be far more reassuring.

I wish you the best, and good luck!
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