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I do love my job now, but I wouldn't use the word workaholic, as I enjoy my time off. I take care of people with Alzheimer's and other dimentias. It is just a weekend job, for now as I have more important things to do at home. It pays for kids school.

It is good for me because there is tons of movement involved and I'm not confined to a desk or cube.

There is some documentation to be done on medications; this is relatively small, but important. I have little ways of not getting distracted when assisting with medications. If I have to count meds, I will bring them someplace quiet so I don't keep losing count and we all carry cordless phones for any emergencies.

I wear a fanny pack that looks like a fuzzy duck. I said duck. So I don't misplace keys, pens or gloves. My duck makes the residents laugh. I said duck.
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