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Re: More than 50% of these posts are not ADD/ADHD related

I want to comment that your first post accuses most of us as being victims of serious emotional and psychological abuse and manipulation, then another posts suggests free ourselves from this by seeking guidance from a homeless person or our relatives in nursing homes.

Now here's where my cognitive issues come in because I can't articulate further what is exactly wonky with that, but it's rubbing me the wrong way...even though i personally, don't have a lot of confidence in therapists- most of mine have been flexible in approaches. Both have accommodated me when I suggested the best approach is probably just meditation, because the trauma seems to dig it's heels in the more I go looking for it. On the other hand, without a therapist's insight and I may have stayed in a state of denial...who knows that's a vast topic.

For some people, taking the reins away from their abuser is a complicated task, especially as their parents age into nursing homes. Having someone to talk to about it, is helpful. when I have visited my relatives in nursing homes, I usually have to yell, their memory is quite gone and it at best it's a lesson in surrender, as I am powerless over their condition and over the fact that we may well come to a similar fate.

and all or nothing thinking can be a coping mechanism for feelings of powerlessness?

Originally Posted by Lloyd_ View Post
How long do you intend on seeing a therapist?

The only thing I've learned from seeing a therapist is no different than talking with a man of the cloth, both sects teach that you're eternally broken as a person and only they can provide you with the wisdom and answers you need in life, IMHO you can learn more from the homeless guy in the alleyway or the elderly lady at the nursing home than these people with pieces of paper placed inside a nice display case on the wall, a long time ago we'd console with our grandparents and elders but not anymore, they are of no value and stored away, literally hundreds of years of combined wisdom in those old folks home but nah we're trained to throw our money at the guy or gal with the useless piece of paper in the nice display case on the wall.

Just my 2 cents for whatever its worth....
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