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Hey, Neuroangel, Exeter, and Purerealm (et al........)

Hope y'all are having a pleasant day !

As I was trying to state earlier, there are many resources that offer information, as to the stages of development of ASPD. The individual is not born a 'monster', he is shaped. If there is no intervention, he will continue to be shaped, and the end result, MIGHT lead to more anti-social tendencies.
Which in itself, is not proven to equate murder/torture/etc., automatically.

I was trying to also state that the DSM-IV only states the most extreme end results of the ASPD, and does not include how the disorder is created, so it is not fair to keep running with the most extreme violent tendencies ,of how ASPDs are all monsters, because there are levels of the ASPD, and most of them do not go around murdering and torturing people all day long.

Humans who do not wish to attend some social functions at their work, for example, but are highly functional, in some computer program departments, are diagnosed with ASPD, but not at the level of someone who would be at the level of those who commit murder.
Another example would be someone's 90 year old grandfather, who is functional at times..but sometimes gets baited by his 8 year old great grandkids during holidays..and barks at them when they do it.

Again, these are just examples, so please do not run around and say 'Nova said that all great grandfathers and computer programmers have ASPD' because that is not what I am saying.

I try to get all humans to expand their mind, whenever I can.

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