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Re: Life Is Too Difficult - So Tired of Struggling

Hi, I'm so sorry you're having a bad time and can relate to not being able to deal anymore. But you're definitely not alone... many people are in similar boats and not all have magic answers, though if you can reach out to anyone else at all, whether friends, family or ?? you might find someone who understands and may have some ideas of how to cope. You're way too young to give up, though I'm sure it's hard now to see light.

Have you had any therapy? I do understand that meds can be difficult, and that you need more than those to help... have you done CBT with anyone? What would happen if you did take off on a trip by yourself - would lightning strike, or just... 'whoops' I may need to find another job afterward ?

Do you have family elsewhere? Maybe old friends to call? The hardest part IS just making one step... and then the next, but maybe if you could find one other person in a similar rut to buddy with, you could help each other... even if it means maybe trying unorthodox ways such as talking even to e.g. church people/pastors, etc. (and I'm an atheist, but my bro's a priest who really does help others at times), or Meet-up groups, etc.

Are you working? Does your co. have a 'mental health' connection that your insce. might cover?

Please write back and tell us more about how you ended up 'there'... and we'll wait to know more because we do care... really!

Oh! Just saw an earlier post of yours re blue/white collar stuff and I SO can relate! Was brought up by a father who was a great art and theater critic (for real) apart from other things... but I so, SO wish (now, and I'm almost 75) that he'd shut up a bit about the arts, literature, etc etc. and introduced me to a little real life and MOSTLY drop his awful snobbish attitude re 'us' and 'them' (them being ordinary working class people who he did not treat well). It kept me from having the life I could have... won't bore you with details here... and I still fight every day to keep myself from being resentful (that's polite!) etc... Have just made the life I did and did the best I could with it and letting myself feel hate for him (even though I also love(d) him - a great pop in other ways) only hurts me now so I have to deliberately just get busy with other things, thoughts, etc... though it doesn't always work perfectly of course!

Anyhow... you could be the best at what you can do and like doing, and when you're the best - or even just ok - at something, you should feel good about yourself and the hell with the rest. Think of all the others who can't do what you can - believe me, there are lots! Anyhow, please get back... give yourself another chance and remember there is time (for you, anyhow) to find a better place. Have you had career counselling - it's amazing how it can point you in directions you never considered!

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