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Red face Re: Calling All High School Teachers with ADHD

Thank you for this thread and for all who are sharing! This is such a relief. I am in my 5th year as a 10th grade English teacher and newly diagnosed with ADD. Before I admitted that something was wrong, I thought my struggles were because I was new and I would figure them out as time went on. But instead of better, things have gotten worse. And, without the delusion that things are going to get easier, I am no longer willing to work myself to death to keep up appearances. I am debating whether to leave the profession or stay. I definitely need a change. I am still trying to find treatment that works while keeping my head above water. I do find that people have a hard time believing that people can be intelligent and professional and have ADD. All they see is the product, what I am able to produce in public, but they have no idea what I go through to create it, what the process costs me. I too struggle with lesson planning, discipline, taking attendance, paperwork, etc. I need to start my masters this year to keep my certification but do not know how that is even going to be a possibility in my current state.
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