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Recently Diagnosed NS Still got suspended from work - Help?

Hi Guys,
I am 32 years old and have been recently diagnosed with ADHD (2 months ago).
What a relief it was as I finally got an answer why I was so "lazy" at boring admin "tasks".
I went to therapy last year for personal issues and also could I could sense that I was not performing well in my job. The company I work for got bought by a corporation in January, so the pressure increased drastically.
My therapist helped a lot in my low self-confidence, but took a few other issue to deal with before she could see the ADHD symptoms clearly. I'm on meds and I can really feel the difference. Motivation is there, I'm finishing projects, meeting most of my deadlines etc. Still got a hell of a long way to go though...
For my recent problem. Soon after my diagnosis, things were not going well in my department. As I'm the manager, I had to get the blame, understandingly. It soon turned to the fact that I was not meeting deadlines. When I got Diagnosed, I reported my "personality trait" (ADHA) to my supervisor, and I told her I am aware of me not meeting deadlines and that I am getting help. I guess this did not help, because the big boss called me in to give me a consultation on meeting deadlines, and ignored my diagnoses. I also kinda lost my temper and said if she doesnt want to here my defense, she will never perfect being the GM of the company......
Bad move...... I know.
The head office big boss come and had a consultation with me. I apologized and got some responsibilities temporarily taken away from me.
For the past month, I have been working very hard. Actually meeting deadlines. Communicating with my supervisor better. I really thought I was doing well. I havn't been receiving any complaints.
Yesterday the big boss (GM) called me in and suspended me for Insubordination, Dishonesty and Threatening Conduct. I have a hearing next Tuesday.
I am so confused as to what just happened. I feel that the GM has a personal attack on me and she fabricated some lies to fire me.
All I can do is to sit at home and plan my defense. I know I haven't done anything wrong in the past month.
Do any of you have advice for me. I am trying very hard to be calm and to plan my defense without being distracted, not easy.

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