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Re: What's your honest opinion of the ADD Forums?

I read a lot here but I generally feel too intimidated to post. Overall, this is a great community but I’ve noticed for a couple of years some are quick to judge others. I do feel the site is well-moderated. Some members just, um, seem....bossy (lol?) and are quick to judge - or at least some posts seem that way.

Some posts are great and aren’t snarky and aren’t walking a thin line on medical advice. I prefer to give and receive support via empathy and validation....and possible suggestions regarding seeking treatment options, how to communicate effectively with your treatment team, ideas as to interpersonal conflict in relationships, etc., when the OP asks. (My SO has bipolar disorder 1 and ADHD, so I relate from both sides).

Admittedly, I’m sensitive and that’s just my opinion.

I am in treatment and on Adderall IR and have taken Adderall XR and Vyvanse in the past (not all at the same time).

I like reading Sarah’s posts, as I’m also a mom, a recovered alcoholic and have bipolar disorder (1).

I have chronic pain, OCD, PTSD, GAD, Panic disorder, Social anxiety with agoraphobia, and PMDD. Oh, I have IBS, too. I was in a professional career for several years, but I became disabled, primarily due to bipolar disorder. I wish I was making all those diagnoses up, but iv been independently evaluated three times over the years.

A lot of my symptoms from my conditions “mimic” ADD/ADHD symptoms. Maybe I don’t belong, but I relate so it’s confusing. (I use another website for posting about the aforementioned conditions.)I do like the co-morbid forum, thank you for having it. I worry about overposting in it. I’m not in crisis or needy, but I am disabled and .... I have a lot of chronic illnesses. I don’t want to hog the forums, yikes.

Unfortunately, I am treatment-resistant and the birth of my child (she’s a teen now) and the accompanying hormonal changes “activated” the bipolar genetic makeup that runs in my family. My anxiety disorders mainly stem from abuse and ... well, I’ve been anxious since childhood but never was ... my mom pretended like everything was fine so I had to do the same. My anxiety was diagnosed when bipolar surfaced.

I am in treatment and my psychiatrist is excellent. I’m in therapy. I take my meds as prescribed and I’m proud to be alcohol-free for years, now. I quit smoking, too!

You may notice up there, in this post, I have not said I’ve been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. I’ve been evaluated for it. So why am I here?

My psychiatrist says I have a lot of the symptoms but it’s from my bipolar disorder. I’m a rapid-cycler and tend to have an elevated mood state .... which he monitors every month. I’m in good care. He made sure to thoroughly physically and mentally evaluate me.

(I showed up in my psychiatrist’s office, a suicidal and psychotic bipolar mixed episode disaster....I was absolutely terrified of everything, truly. It was a horrible several months at that point. What happened? My GP misdiagnosed me with MDD and gave me four different SSRI’s for six months. And said, “everybody has anxiety.” Thankfully, he referred me to my psychiatrist but I was damaged.)

My psychiatrist made sure he knew and I knew what my diagnoses are because that’s how he forms a treatment plan. That said, he likes to focus on treatment of symptoms and not focusing on labels. I think perhaps because I have so many labels, lol. He never has said you don’t have ADD/ADHD. He said he thinks my distractavility, lack of focus, poor concentration, and so on, are bipolar symptoms.

I guess I’m trying to say I’m not sure I fit in here. I’m not diagnosed with the condition although I relate soooo much to what you all experience in your illness. And Adderall does help me.

I like my treatment team and I manage my conditions the best I can. That includes meds, even though, yes, I have had severe mania, I’m a recovered addict that takes prescribed meds that create dependency, etc.

What a meandering post, lol. My apologies if I derailed, that’s the best I can explain.

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