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Hitting the "Thanks" button-for newcomers.


At the bottom right of each post there is a "Thanks" button. Pressing this button is a very good thing. It leaves a message: "The Following User(s) Says Thank You to (poster's name) For This Useful Post:" and lists those who have left thank you's.

This simple act helps motivate posters to post more and rewards their effort to write a thoughtful post. For those who have had to built up the nerve to finally post here, this reinforcement is, in my opinion, really important. To finally post and get no response of any sort can be very discouraging. Often, I suspect the thanks is even more important than a posted response. It is a sign that the effort was appreciated and recognized. Don't do this indiscriminately, but when you see something worth while.....hit thanks.

Also be aware of the reputation icon. It is the "justice scale" symbol on the bar just above the top of the post itself. Leave comments. This has a lot to do with the number of green squares you see attached to someone's name so it can be an effective motivator. I see this as a way of acknowledging really good posts so it well and often.

To recap: I encourage all to hit the "Thanks" icon for good posts and for those people who you want to continue posting. You cannot thank people too many times and considering that so many here are ADHD, reinforcement is even more important.

Hit "Thanks" a lot. It is simple, easy and really does make a difference.

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