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Adult Diagnosis & Treatment This forum is for the discussion of issues related to the diagnosis of AD/HD

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Old 04-10-12, 11:44 AM
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Seeing a Neurologist, then a Psychiatrist. Could I have ADHD?

Hey guys!

I was hoping if you guys could help me see if I have ADHD. I know it's not a real diagnosis but I just want to get some input. I am in freshman year of university and currently 18 years of age living in the U.S.

Symptoms (During Elementary/Middle School):

- When I was a kid around the age of 12 or 13 I was doing fairly well in school, the my Science class I had the highest grade in my class. I was recommended for GT Math and Science going into high school.

- I believe whenever I wasn't so tired I was hyper with my friends. I would be rude or disruptive sometimes in class. I would always talk with others in the class even while the teacher is talking.

- I wasn't a bad kid, I would get bullied a lot in school. I also said and did a lot of things I regret and when looking back on it I sometimes did things that I did when not thinking or saying things to people without thinking.

- I think I was impulsive, I would bother a lot of people like hit them or do stupid stuff.

- No one ever suspected I had anything, parents thought it was the video games.

- I was very forgetful, I would always forget to turn in library books, I lost a TON of jackets/lunch boxes. I would also forget to do homework assignments sometimes, and I was pretty good at spelling.

Symptoms (Now):

- Constant anxiety, first was with school and driving, now almost everything. I worry so much when driving and when people are close to me my heart skips a beat. I have to triple check things I do to make sure I do them right, but most of time I don't like on assignments.

- I was diagnosed with depression, took abilify, nothing changed in my life and I didn't feel different.

- Grades are falling drastically.

- Still forgetful, recently lost a $150 watch, still trying to find it.

- I can never stay focused in class even without distractions. If I had a pen and paper I would doodle. If I am just sitting their I can pay attention for the first 2min then lose track of what the professor is saying. I COULD BE LOOKING STRAIGHT at the teacher but I cannot digest what he/she is saying.

- I daydream 24/7. I sometimes miss my exit when driving. I get lost A LOT.

- I procrastinate till the last minute and recently have lost all motivation to go to school and class.

- I do good in the beginning and then when things start to get overwhelming my grades plummet.

- I am losing my patience and cannot sit down for a couple of minutes without feeling like I'm in hell.

- I am getting bored with everything including video games.

- I can talk to people for 1 min and then lose track of what I was going to say, I think it's because I get distracted.

- I find that I can do something better when I'm not actually thinking about it and maybe focusing somewhere else. When I actually think about doing something while doing it, I would do it poorly.

- I have constant fidgeting, even with my legs.

- I have poor spelling now, takes me a minute to think of how to spell a word.

- Reading is extremely difficult, I know how to read but completing or reading something longer than a paragraph is extremely difficult. I lose track of what I was reading if I read a page.

- Really hard for me to get started on a lot of things.

- I forget to take showers, and have generally poor hygiene and really poor organization skills.

- Sometimes I can't even relax, I even shake my leg during sleep.

- I feel fatigued sometimes, only then does my fidgeting stop.

- I have social anxiety. Hard to talk to people.

- I tend to eat quite a bit. But I'm not totally obese, just big right now.

- During class I tend observe other people and constantly jump to sound, I can hear everything and know what's going on. Sometimes when I'm looking at other, I wonder how they can be so focused in the class.

- At work I find that I am extremely cautious and I always have to ask for directions again or get confirmation if I am doing something correctly. I always ask stupid questions or need people to tell me exactly what to do so I avoid mistakes.

- I cannot finish assignments on time and tend to miss a lot of homeworks. Sometimes I repeat something I just said.

- Going to school now gives me anxiety.

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