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Old 07-10-13, 05:33 PM
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Re: Show Love for your Critters!

My name is Kia. I just joined the ADHD forum, trying to find some "kindred spirits" to help me make ADHD and ASSET instead of an AGGRAVATION!
I Love your critters! We just had 5 baby boxers! They were born June 21. We are thinking about keeping 2 of them! We are nuts!
Does your boxer snore????????????
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Old 08-02-13, 02:14 PM
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Re: Show Love for your Critters!

I have a 17year tuxedo(black and white)cat who sleeps a lot and can only eat wet food and kitten chow. She purrs alot and likes to be petted but you cant touch her back be she has arthuritus. Her name is Maxine

I have a 6 year rescue dog Egypt who wont tell us what kind of dog she is but we think she has pit bull, hound cause she stinks sometimes and maybe boxer cause she looks like a boxer when she plays. Tjis is my 2nd rescue and both adore me and hate to let me out of thier sight.

In fact 2 diffirent times with each dog I left the door ajar when I went to work. Both dogs showed up at my work.

I am in the process of having Egypt certified as a therapy dog cuase she is so gentle. She shows special attention towards handicapped poeple and elderly. When little dogs and toddlers come after she runs cause they tend to bite, pull ears and tails.She had 2 tests so far and passed them with flying colors. One more test and she can be certified.

Then I have another cat named Tie Dye. She is a calico who looks like GOd took left over cat colors and threw them all together to make Tie Dye. Some of her stripes go in a circle.some zig zag and others hodge podge. Her coloring varies as much as her stripes.

Tie Dye and Egypt are best buddie. when I brought Tie Dye home. She layed down next to Egpyt. She was so tiny she was the size of Egyt's hind foot. As a result Tie Dye has not spent much time alone and when she is alone she cries and cries. when Ehypt and I are sitting outside Tie dye sits in the window and cries.

Our newset addition to the is Kenvin the painted turtle.we had him for little over a week. The first week he did great, loved his 20 gallon tank and ate right out of my husbands hand. Then my husband gave the tank a good cleaning. The guy at the pet shop told me to put little bleach in the tank to help with the smell.

Kenvin hated his newly cleaned home. For 2 days he sulked on his dock and refused to eat. We were worried sick about Kevin. Last nght though he finally stared eating again and swimming around his tank. He then fell asleep in the water.

It is interesting the way turtles sleep. They sleep with thier head out of the water and they float strait up and down. It is like they treading water and saving thier energy till the rescue boat comes.

I love talking about my pets. Ive always gotten along better with animals than poeple. If I knew how I would post pictures.
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Old 08-29-13, 02:28 PM
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Re: Show Love for your Critters!

This is my favorite picture of my cat, always makes me smile!

This is why I cant study:

And, this is my cat being ADD... a million things to do, but can't focus on any of them!

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Old 09-11-13, 02:55 PM
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Re: Show Love for your Critters!

My beautiful German Shepard hybrid puppies! Amazingly both rescued! Love my girls, and yes the picture is true!
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Old 03-01-14, 10:04 AM
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Re: Show Love for your Critters!

This is my cat Beau, I had to take the picture as she'd arranged herself so carefully and so beautifully in the light, perfect rembrandt lighting!

But what made me smile was the fact she purposefully stood ON her tail!

I also love her beauty spot

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