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Old 04-16-17, 11:19 PM
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47 year old ADHD'er saying hi.

Greetings all,

I've been aware of these forums for a little while now, just joined today. I was unmedicated from about my senior year of high school until I hit my early forties, and then was forced off my medication from about 44 until now when job losses in my household caused us to lose our health insurance. Obamacare was no help, since we ended up in a situation where my income was the only household income and it took almost every penny just to put food on the table, pay the rent, and keep the lights on. And almost every month our checking account went into overdraft.

In December 2016 I got a better job, which is helping us to slowly dig ourselves out of the hole that we're in. Right now we can take care of our survival needs with my job without overdrafting our checking account each month. We're in the process of trying to file chapter 7 bankruptcy to get creditors off our backs and avoid my wages being garnished (which would put us in the street). We also owe the IRS and the state some significant back taxes due to some issues with a business that I started and failed at. (that's a long story for another time)

Anyway, I'm currently unmedicated with ADHD and am the only one in my household who is working. My dear wife had a meltdown at work and eventually lost her job a couple years ago, and managed to get temporary disability payments, but then was fired. Her disability payments eventually stopped (expired) and we lost over half our household income. At that point, we had to stop paying on our credit cards/consumer debt and just focus on our survival needs (food, clothing, shelter, transportation). We tried to get my wife onto Federal disability multiple times but she was denied each time--mainly due to her relatively young age.

As of right now, my wife has totally checked out. She spends her days (while I'm at work) sitting on the couch, playing games on her phone or tablet,or sleeping all day, or watching Netflix or Hulu, (we don't have cable or satellite tv due to cost). She won't leave the house. Laundry only gets done if I threaten to do it myself, at which point she will grudgingly do it. Housecleaning is the same way. If I mention something at the wrong time, she will explode into a rage. My ADHD traits get on her nerves more and more these days, which sometimes leads to a rage episode. A year or so ago, when we were temporarily on a state health plan, she was re-diagnosed with clinical depression and diagnosed for the first time with Borderline Personality Disorder. Don't get me wrong, I love my wife very much. But she really needs to get back on antidepressants and back to counseling--unfortunately we can't afford to get both of us back on health insurance. Through my employer, my insurance is $106 a month for a catastrophic health policy. If we were both insured through my employer, it would be over $800 a month--which we cannot come close to affording.

The one good thing in our situation is that I am working in a job that plays to most of my strengths and few of my weaknesses. So there is hope. But, it's going to be a long road. Right now I have to get back on my meds. Then we can look at the rest of the picture.

All that to say...Howdy!

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Old 05-09-17, 11:15 PM
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Re: 47 year old ADHD'er saying hi.


Glad you are getting back on your feet. Sounds like a lot of work keeping things going. Hope to find a new job that suits me too. Pretty new here myself, so can't give too much advice.
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