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Old 10-22-17, 10:48 PM
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A long but very interesting hypothesis!

Question for you all! I had my follow up Pdoc appointment and instead of her increasing my Vyvanse up from 40mg, (since I think it helps but Iím still having issues staying on task), she had a new hypothesis. I had said that while I sleep all night regularly, I wake up groggy and it takes me a looong time to get motivated enough to get out of bed. I also said I felt the Vyvanse wear off at 3pm and all I want to do is fall asleep. After I said that, she typed up something and said she was going to prescribe me a medication to aid with my sleep. She thinks Iím not getting quality sleep and that people with ADHD often have some sort of sleep issue.

So now Iíve taken Trazodone 25mg a few nights, and, Wow! I keep waking up after 8 hours feeling rested and I get up after the first alarm! Itís not an over the top happiness but just a feeling that the mental barrier that was holding me down in bed has lifted a bit.

Now, Iím a thinker. I always seem to be thinking about anything and everything most days. But since this a-ha moment about my sleep, I had to do more research! I started looking up sleep problems with those with an ADHD diagnosis and found on university websites and national medical sites that sleep apnea is a condition that both ADHD-ers and non ADHD-era have.

An article I read mentioned that there is a correlation between ADHD, sleep apnea and tongue tie. I just found out I had a tongue tie when my kids were born both tongue tied. I then looked at my own tongue. Since tongue tied individuals have restricted tongue movements, it affects the way the airway is during sleep and causes sleep apnea. The apnea then can be occasionally linked to ADHD.

I thought of my sleep patterns. I know Iíve woken up occasionally feeling like I was short of breath or I could feel my breathing stop as I start to fall asleep. Totally never put together those sensations with sleep apnea! Now I have an appointment with an ENT for thoughts and set up an appt to have a sleep test. I also want to get my tongue tie released and do tongue strengthening exercises to better handle the sleep apnea and see if it helps me keep my mouth closed to reduce or get rid of the sleep apnea. Or to get rid of mouth breathing if apnea isnít diagnosed.

Anyone think Iím on to something and have made correct correlations? My husband and his family think Iím becoming a hypochondriac, which is frustrating itself, but when I get excited about a subject that involves research, I tend to hyper focus on it and spend a lot of time looking up more info. (When Iím not parenting or working in the office).

WHEW! Sorry so long, but after proofreading, I couldnít cut it down more. Sometimes people say I look too far into things, and itís not that, itís that I get super interested of the topic and want to learn EVERYTHING I possibly can about the subject. Itís not an anxiety, but itís FUN for me.

Any thoughts would be great since I donít have a therapy appointment or my pdoc appointment for another 2 weeks, and no one I know can really relate to any of this. My family just rolls their eyes at me and I know some of you are here to help others feel not as alone.
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Old 08-15-18, 01:01 PM
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Re: A long but very interesting hypothesis!

Really late to this post but I’m new to the boards. I will say that I do have both ADHD and sleep apnea

On Adderall for ADHD, lyrica for Fibromyalgia, lexapro and viibryd for depression and anxiety, cosentyx for psoriasis, cyclosporine for IC,
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