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Old 11-14-06, 08:43 PM
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livinginchaos has a reputation beyond reputelivinginchaos has a reputation beyond reputelivinginchaos has a reputation beyond reputelivinginchaos has a reputation beyond reputelivinginchaos has a reputation beyond reputelivinginchaos has a reputation beyond reputelivinginchaos has a reputation beyond reputelivinginchaos has a reputation beyond reputelivinginchaos has a reputation beyond reputelivinginchaos has a reputation beyond reputelivinginchaos has a reputation beyond repute
*~~~~~~* Meet Your Moderators *~~~~~~*

Super Moderators:


Our wild, wonderful mod is allowed in Adult ADD and Scientific Discussions, Research, News & Events including the Private Debate forum.
Hobbies: taking stuff apart and losing the pieces, reading, learning, forgetting, oh and meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.
Something that makes you laugh: kittens, cats and the first time they see themselves in a mirror.
Favorite Movie: "purr purr purr" - Oops that is my favorite song, sorry.


Chel finds it very amusing to refer to herself in the third person, but only as a last resort. When she's not hyperfocusing here, she's hyperfocusing on her kids or movies, or she's hiding in her community theater's prop room.


When not playing badminton or convincing us that Westmalle Tripel Beer is a food, you can find him moderating in Scientific Discussions, Research, News & Events including the Private Debate forum; as well as the Men's Support section and its Private forum.


APSJ enjoys running, reading science fiction, and eating, particularly briny and/or spicy foods. He moderates our Parents of Children with ADHD sub-forum, as well as our Careers/Job Impact, Non-ADD Partner Support, and New Member Introductions sections.


Our computer savvy, super smart super mod. He enjoys ballet, yoga, and his teddy bear collection is especially large and adorable.


TygerSan moderates our ADDF Lounge. While watching time pass she enjoys reading mysteries and climbing indoor rock walls. She is amused by the absurd and we always need a good sense of humor around here.


Her favorite activity in the whole world: contemplating the structure of experience. She has a very detailed architecture that she tests, revises and writes about constantly (as in definitely daily and usually more frequently). She's fascinated with what makes possible the experience of consciousness and its interface with 'other' (other people, other animals, empirical objects, imaginary 'objects', conceptual 'objects', etc) and the possibility of eidetic good and whether we could instantiate a facet of it (e.g. justice, truth, beauty, good, etc) in action and thereby in creating ourselves as person move humanity into a space of evolution and truth. She helps moderate Treatment & Management.


Namazu is a catfish whose wriggling brings earthquakes; but ours moderates in General ADD, Adult Diagnosis & Treatment and Teens & Young Adults with ADHD - no earthquakes yet. When pressed in an interview about her favorite foods, she was very forthcoming and eclectic, to sum up "...shall I go on? (This is making me hungry!)". She enjoys exploring on foot. Raking leaves and jumping in them. Building things. Rehabilitating cool old furniture (really, she'll get around to upholstering that vintage loveseat one of these days!). Graphic design. Gardening. Sleeping. Asking questions (like, "What's the difference between a hobby and a passtime?"). Making parenthetical comments (who knew?!). and Full-contact research.


A triumph in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics, ADDF's very own fembot Fortune is moderating Relationships & Social Issues and Co-existing Conditions. When we give her a break, albeit very short, she can go to her real job as a massage therapist and taxidermist... surprisingly both are done from her own home.



A Mom and a Libra she is eclectic, enjoying our parenting sections and scientific forums. She's into strong cheeses and her husband's guacamole. When she has a moment she enjoys reading detective fiction, some science fiction and National Geographic. She is moderating our Parents of Children with ADHD sub-forum.


Anon moderates our Relationships and Social Issues section and the Men's Support section including its Private forum.


Imagine looking into a mirror and seeing your double, now imagine staring at your image trying to figure out who you are seeing, you ask yourself "why am I trying to figure out who I am seeing?", subsequently followed by a deep contemplation on the thought process that made you question your own actions and consequently a headache from thinking about thinking about thinking. This is in a sense Tazoz's speciality or was it thinking about thinking about thinking about trees... Anyway, Tazoz moderates the General ADD, Inattentive ADD and Adult Education sections of the forum. He also moderates Scientific, Philosophical & Theoretical Discussions.


On a planet far, far away, this Master paints amazing alien planet landscapes... and beams to Earth in time to moderate General ADD and Adult Diagnosis & Treatment.

Ms. Mango

The divine Ms. M is a mango with a tango. When not moderating she may be found geocaching, knitting or cooking. She loves movies! People are constantly amazed when they learn that she played the Sousaphone in high school and ran up the down escalator in JCPenny. She's moderating Parents of Children with ADHD.


A chatterbox, amateur photographer, and writer- this one here has no reason to really ever be bored, but alas, such is life. She has a dozen animals that call her "mom" and loves every minute of it. She keeps a watchful eye over New Member Introductions and Non-ADD Partner Support when she's not burying herself in school or something equally brain-draining.


Our chocolate-loving "mod of many colors" spends her time climbing trees, reading, writing letters to people she's thinking about - and then not sending them - and watching cat videos. In between she finds time to moderate Treatment & Management.


Our sporty ADDF Lounge moderator loves exploring places with her eponymous doggie, writing, listening to music, talking to people, and playing "The Person Below Me" game on ADDF. While she favors broccoli and cheese pasta, she will happily make do with hot pockets or bagels. When asked what makes her laugh, she was overhead replying "funny things... funny people... funny events... funny...


On and off Grad Student, Higher Ed Facilitator, and wannabe author, Abi moderates Co-existing Conditions, Scientific, Philosophical & Theoretical Discussions and the ADDF Lounge. Quiet and meditative, he spends much of his time in contemplation of the numinous.


Amber feels best after a couple of hours at the gym - a lucky thing, given her proclivity to consume large quantities of roast pork with crispy crackling and the works. She's also a fan of roasting, restoring The Tall Ship (whatever the hell that is), growing food, karate and chickens - as individuals. She dreams of someday settling down on a little farmlet and living off the grid, but for now she's content helping moderate New Member Introductions.


Kilted lives in a small place far far away called Europe. This means he has strange habits such as wearing a skirt and being awake at unusual times. He speaks an ancient dialect of Yankee which adds extra letters to simple words such as "color". He moderates General ADD and Adult Diagnosis & Treatment.


Raye moderates Co-existing Conditions. She enjoys eating pizza and yoghurt - hopefully not together - as well as watching Criminal Minds, and surfing the Web. Her hobbies are gardening and swimming. Easily amused, "the small stuff" makes her laugh, but she's especially partial to her kids and partner. She also happens to have superlative taste in movies.


Somo feels naked without his bicycle(s ). He dabbles in arts+crafts and can be found meditating at random locations throughout his city. With a penchant for sushi, watches and semiscientificbabble, his use of pseudowords and emoticons provides a rare glimpse at his softer side. Someothertime moderates Treatment & Management.


Our Treatment and Management moderator enjoys rescuing retired Greyhounds after their racing careers come to an end. He enjoys Bass tournament fishing and hunting for sharks teeth on the beach. Greyhound1 loves to eat seafood and pizza and drinks way too many sodas. He wasn't diagnosed with ADHD until later in life. He is married to a wonderful wife that is his best friend. He is very easy going most of the time and just wants to be happy. That is his goal in life. You can call him Hound.

Leonard: “You’re using chocolates as positive reinforcement for what you consider good behavior!”
Sheldon: “Very good! Chocolate?”
-The Big Bang Theory (sitcom on CBS)

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