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Old 12-14-09, 05:07 PM
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Easier Search Results Fun

This is like a next step,to the Search Accuracy Fun post.

Does this look too long?
Its not as bad as it looks,but go here for the short version,but you will miss out on a secret.

To see if this is worth your time,say that you found a result that had your keywords,but it was a really long page.
Say your keywords were: adderall Cmax bioequivalence

This is what your page might look like.
Scroll really fast.
Don't bother trying to read it all,only the highlighted parts.
See how easy it is to find the few entries of Cmax ?
It will be in blue highlight.

See how much you would have to read,to find Bioequivalence?,_D extroamphetamine_Saccharate,_Amphetamine_Sulfate_a nd_Amphetamine_Aspartate)+adderall+Cmax+bioequival ence&cd=20&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a

This is time sensitive.
The google results will likely change soon,so my examples won't be good anymore.

Even if the links I point out are not in the right order,look for my description of their titles on the results page.

This is still the easiest way for me,and uses a lot less words!.

This works in Internet Explorer,and Firefox,probably all browsers.

Right-Click on the link below,and choose to open the link in a new window,or a new tab.

Now you have the same search results I do.
I used a strange combo,to tweak the results.
Ignore the last one.

You should now be on a Google results page,with my keywords showing.

3)Click on the 3rd entry on your new Google page,which is titled:
Amphetamine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Now you are on the Wiki page.
Its long,and you don't want to read all of it.

While you are on the Wiki page(click on it somewhere,so your browser knows you are focusing on it)

Press Ctrl and your F key at the same time,or hold one down,while you press the other.

A little window popped up,right?

Enter in a search word,say adderall,since it was one of the original keywords.

Now click on the Highlight All button.

Now you can just scroll quickly,until you find the yellow highlighted word. If its a really long page,you can just click on Next. gets better,and easier,sometimes!

Hit the Back button,to get back to the Google results page.

Now look down at the bottom right of that result you just clicked a minute ago,for Wiki.

See how it says Cached? Next to the green url?

Not all results have this,but many do.

This means Google took a snapshot of that page,sometime in the past.It may not include up to date info on that page.

It will include your search words,though.
Plus something pretty cool.

Click on Cached.

Pretty cool huh?
It has all your search words,and they are highlighted in different colors.

I know you must be so excited right now,so go to the restroom and come gets better.

Ok...hit the Back again,to get back to the Google results page.

Do you see this entry on your Google page?
20 mg adderall EMS news

Click it the way you normally would. I'll wait....

OK,that sucked,right. Just a rock.

Click back to the Google results page.You may have to click the back button quickly a few times.

Now you're back on the Google result page again.

Instead of clicking that useless link again,click on the Cached link instead.

You just bypassed their security protocols.
Don't do that. It might be unlawful.

This works 80% of the time,for Google or any Search engine,when there is a Cache button/hyperlink.

I use it a lot when the usual link brings me to a page that wants me to be a member,or pay for the article they have.

Btw,have you ever done a 'search',clicked on the link,and didn't find the results Google said you would?

That page had probably been updated,so use the Cache link instead,to see the page the way it looked when Google found those results.
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