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Old 12-20-09, 12:24 AM
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Re: Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR)

I'm taking ALCAR
How is the ALCAR? Is it effective? What sort of dosage are you using?
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Old 01-29-10, 05:30 AM
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Re: Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR)

It amazes me how much effort people in these forums are willing to dedicate to help each other out, and the lengths they go to find out this information. I think it's great!

Just to piggyback on what mystery is saying with alpha lipoic acid and carnitine, I would like to add how well carnitine can work with fatty acids and other nutrients as a nutrition-based ADHD treatment strategy. Here is a quick synopsis of a few more findings on carnitine's interactions with other nutrients. Hope this helps!

Originally Posted by mystery View Post
Sorry that I forgot to mention:

acetyl l carnitine &
alpha lipoic acid

Judging from the sour taste of both, I would bet both of these are acidic, which may alter stomach PH, and interfere with dexedrine (or ritalin & potentially other ADHD meds) absorption! It is probably best to take these an hour before or after you take your meds, and in a low dose.

Also, it may be counterintuitive to co-administer these at all with a sustained release medication.

To reflect on my earlier observations, I am continuing to learn more about the effects:

-Their effects do build up, even when I take a small dose regularly. They can interfere with sleep if I'm not careful.

-It is very possible that ALCAR and ALA work synergistically but I mostly notice an additive effect. It is possible that they have specific synergistic effects, like that on color perception enhancement

-ALCAR + ALA are amazing for energy for me. They're hands down the smoothest energizing supplements I've ever tried. I think I get a mild improvement in focus if I don't take too much, but I have to try to focus making it a subtle effect. There is certainly an improvement in cognitive energy, thinking, processing, and creativity, but I need to refine the dose very well otherwise I will get overstimulated and possibly anxious. This effect is most significant when my brain energy is impaired somehow, i.e., zombie-effect, being tired, brain is fatigued.

-It is helpful for me to co-administer w/ d-amph (also I'm trying focalin now and will try that). But again, I like to keep the dosing 3/4 hrs or more apart to avoid absorption problems. Optimally, I like to take the d-amph first which works out well, as I get a lot of energy initially on the d-amph anyway.
->More detail on this:
d-amph seems to really kick my focus up very high, and also makes me much less anxious (hence it seems to be anxolytic for me). This helps me concentrate, and slow down to work more effectively. It's like it boosts activity in certain centers and neural pathways in my brain to help absorb information making me more receptive. I feel more alpha-male typish. The other side to this though, is that it really seems like my mental energy reserves for extra stuff craps out, e.g., for creativity and thinking. The best analogy I can think of is think of a computer processor being in accelerated mode to function for running a game. At all times it's running at 100% CPU usage (if you check windows task manager). Try running another application while running a game and your computer will be very slow running the 2nd application. I feel like this is what d-amph does; it puts my brain into accelerated mode for being receptive and focused, and completing a task. What I need are some extra energy reserves. I could take more d-amph which does energize my brain, but I'll also boost receptivity and focus beyond what I need (and some of the extra energy would go toward that function) when I really only need a low dose to get my necessary boost in focus. That's where ALCAR &/or ALA come in, to boost up my energy level and give me some extra reserves for creativity and thinking. It's like a way to improve all aspects of cognitive function.

-In terms of mediating the come-down harsh effects, I will never have any problem with just stopping d-amph cold and taking frequent holidays. I hardly feel any negative effects, only a reduction in focus and receptivity. Neither ALCAR nor ALA appears to have any significant tolerance or addictive properties either.

-Considering longer-acting improvement in focus, I do feel this is the case. I can possibly still be benefiting from improved focus more than 6 hrs after one IR dose of d-amph, because I can counter the energy slump, but the effect is more subtle after a few hours. Also, it may be possible that d-amph induces beneficial neurological changes that are more permanent. In that respect, I may find that I could end up doing something like a month on d-amph, and then stopping for a while and judging my focus and receptivity. This will take time to investigate.

Other beneficial effects of ALCAR or ALA that I've noticed:
-Improvement in libido from both
-Being anti-oxidants they are supposed to be healthy supplements. I am more skeptical about taking massive amounts for life extension, but I bet small doses could be healthy.
-Just a feeling of more healthy skin
-Mild improvement in well-being, and a very subtle anxolytic effect mostly from ALA.(but with an improvement in brain processing rather than a neural-depressant like a typical anxiety reducing med or herb) Though, too much and I get an opposite effect.
-Color perception appears to be boosted with both, and vision appears to be more sharp and detailed. The effect is subtle though.
-Generally feeling more healthy & less fatigue
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Re: Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR)

I have to say over the years I have tried many different over the counter vitamins and supplements while on and off meds.....ALCAR has always been the most consistent and beneficial! This fact was even confirmed by a Urologist who I saw...he said "the stuff works to get sperm moving" The key is to a some from a good and reputable supplement co,.
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