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Adderall (four amphetamine salts)

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Old 04-05-18, 05:10 PM
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Just diagnosed & trying to navigate the meds

I am 25, and I was just recently diagnosed with ADD. I've started on Adderall, 15mg 2x a day, as a trial for a month to see how it goes and reevaluate. I have definitely felt more focused, but I'm just not sure how much of it is "in my head". My psychiatrist said that I would definitely know if it was working, but I'm just not sure. I've been passably functional pre-diagnosis, so it could be that I don't have a lot to notice. Has anyone else had experience with this and what was the course of action? Or is that the expected result and I'm just overthinking it?
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Old 04-05-18, 07:57 PM
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Re: Just diagnosed & trying to navigate the meds

Are you getting any negative side effects? Do you have a consistent, healthy lifestyle (diet, sleep, mental/spiritual, etc)?

IME, the medicine is much more helpful at getting me to stay focused on tasks rather than initiating tasks. For me, it helps my mind be calmer and less restless. However, if you're taking Adderall but then choosing to mindlessly procrastinate the day away, the medicine is not going to be able to help you.

You might want to consider the possibility that you might do better on a lower dose. Patients will often start on a low dose (like 10 mg/day) and then slowly increase the dose until the optimal dose is found. Unless you try the lower doses, you won't know if a lower dose is right for you. Just my 2 cents!

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Old 04-06-18, 08:09 AM
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Re: Just diagnosed & trying to navigate the meds

Hi Jax, I want to start with; Stick to whatever you and your doc IMPLICITLY agreed to on dosing, frequency, and latitude you have for adjusting. If you want to deviate from these, talk to your Doc first.

Is the adderall you are taking Adderall XR or Adderall IR? I included a copy of a previous posts about starting out. It may not address your questions specifically, but I hope it is still helpful. If you want additional information, you can google "ADHD titration". HTH, -LN

Originally Posted by Little Nut View Post
Hi *****, Keep in mind this is MY EXPERIENCE w/ amphetamines. YOUR EXPERIENCE will/may be different.

Your body takes time to adjust to starting a new med or changing dosage or changing dosing frequency. During this adjustment period you can't fully evaluate how well/poorly the med is doing for you. You just try to ride it out. You likely will have a euphoric period for a few days initially and then it will go away.(This has nothing to do w/ treating your symptoms. The euphoric period going away is often mistaken for the med wearing off. It isn't wearing off.) You will/may have side-effect that will/may lessen during the adjustment period. How well each of your symptoms are addressed may stay the same during the period, get better, get worse, start worse initially and then get better. The way to approach all of these unknown issues IMVHO is to keep a daily journal and just wait until YOUR adjustment period is over and it "lines-out" for you. Then you can look over your journal and evaluate how well the meds are working FOR YOU. On top of this, the adjustment period can be different for everyone. For me it is ≤2 weeks for most things, but up to 4 weeks for others (sleep disturbances). If it helps, we have all gone through this and it was equally confusing, but only at first.

How long should you wait until you are pretty much done adjusting to the Meds? I donno. Initially that is something you need to talk to your Doc about. Then after you go through it a few times you will find out what works for you. Then talk to your Doc about incorporating into your titration.

When should you discontinue taking the meds and talk to your Doc? This is something you need to get from your Doc and feel comfortable with before starting on a new med. In addition to serious side-effects associated with your new med, your medical history history needs to be taken into account.

How much latitude did your Doc agree to give you with respect to adjusting your dose and/or frequency? You need to stay within these boundaries. If you want to reduce your dose and your Doc didn't explicitly OK it already, you need to talk to your Doc. The same especially goes for increasing your dose. If you want to change your dosage frequency and your Doc didn't explicitly OK it already, you need to talk to your Doc.

Getting back to your explicit questions in your OP...

How long the dose lasts is different for everyone. My experience is that it is somewhat dose dependent but not much. Your dose can be too low and not all of your symptoms are being treated. Your dose can be too high and you experience side-effect and/or some of your symptoms get worse. If you're lucky enough to find an acceptable range with good treatment AND acceptable side-effects the duration will be pretty much the same over that range. For me with Adderall and dexedrine IR it is 2 - 3 hours. I believe other's have talked about 4-5 hours. Bottom line is YOU need to find this out by trial and error, keeping good notes, and doing good reviews.

How do you know what the right effect is? You were diagnosed w/ ADHD based on symptoms that you have. You were given meds to treat these symptoms. So write down each of YOUR symptoms. Next to each one, write down specific real-life examples of the symptom causing you problems in the past. Next to that write down specific real-life examples of that symptom, improving, staying the same, or getting worse. For some you may not have examples for, but others you should be aware of at any given moment. For me that is "focus" and working memory. If you keep a daily journal and try to evaluate each one, examples will occur for the others. Be sure to document undesirable side-effects too.

Should you wait for the crash to leave to evaluate? The answer is yes and if you can get your dose right and/or after your body adjusts there won't be a crash. At that point you will be able to evaluate your focus as well as other symptoms for treatment effectiveness. Sorry about the long response. May be too much coffee. Good luck and hope this helps. -LN
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