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Dexedrine/Dextrostat (dextroamphetamine)

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Old 02-15-14, 04:08 PM
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Just curious: dosage from vyvanse to generic dex

Just curious what people would consider a fair equivalent from 50mg Vyvanse to an IR generic dex tablet?

I ask because I recently asked to switch to an IR for more control, and my doc make it sound like the IR was going to have more intense ups/downs, but I told her my reason for switching was it would work better with my crazy schedule, and she agreed. So she switched me to 2x10mg IR tablets/day.

Well the first two days, I only took 2x5mg (split the 10mg in half), because she started me way to high on vyvanse at first, and that was awful, so I don't want to endure another oops-too-high dose again. Don't worry, I also had her blessing to do so because she became well aware my first vyvanse dose was too high after I pretty much hit every possible side effect (except life-threatening ones).

The first two days at 2x5mg have been much better, and oddly, much smoother. Here is what I've noticed:

- The initial kick-in is very smooth, and I barely notice it until I notice the dry mouth/metallic taste starting.
- The crashes, well, there are almost none honestly. I usually feel a little fatigue for a half hour, and a mild headache if I haven't kept up with my water intake, but that is seriously about it, and my favorite part, the crash doesn't last long, maybe a half hour, hour if I haven't taken care of myself well that day (sleep, eating, water, etc).
- I don't feel wired at all, but I still have all the focus/attentive benefits. It's more of a "clean energy". I don't feel like I HAVE to be doing something, but once I start, I'm not easily distracted.
- My heart seems to like it more, anxiety seems lower, which keeps my heart from pounding like a bass drum once every now and then.

Maybe 50mg vyvanse is still too much for my body, but here is what I experienced:

- Ups seem to be more sudden verse gradual, I'm very aware of when it kicks in.
- Same things happen with a vyvanse crash, only it seems to be drug out for like 60-90min
- I feel wired, if I don't stay busy, anxiety hits very easily.
- Last slightly longer than the IR, maybe 7hrs, 8hrs if I am on my game that day (sleep, proper food, etc), and it's supposedly a 12hr pill... Honestly, it feels like an IR that is just harder to abuse.
- More anxiety, so hard pounds harder more often, occasionally making my chest feel tight.

Good thing about both: My pulse really didn't jump much.

Bad thing about both: Dex just in general has a very long half life, and although you may not reap the benefits after 10-11hrs, I've noticed I don't feel like I've slept as well if I don't give it the full 11-12hrs to be processed. This is in comparison to the week I took off and took no meds, I wanted a break honestly, and a refresher to see how much the pills really help.

I am trying the 10mg dose today, and so far it pretty much mimics the 5mg dose, but I'm assuming will last longer. I do feel my heart starting to do the thumping thing again, although not as intese. So I'm going to skip the second dose, I really don't want to push my body anymore. I'll try it once again tomorrow, and if my body still doesn't like 10mg, I will just be splitting it into the 5mg 2xday.

Overall, I like the IR, which is mallinckrodt brand, more than vyvanse. Vyvanse lasts just slightly longer than the IR, but side effects were more intense, but this MAY be due to my body finding 50mg too much, even after 2 months. But instead of only getting one pill a day with vyvanse (doc would not do a booster), I have 2x IR's, with each lasting about 6hrs, so if I crash midday, I can just use the second dose. I tried putting my 50mg in water, splitting it for two doses a day, trying 1/2 in the morning, and 1/2 around lunch, and 3/4 in the morning, and 1/4 at lunch, but it was just too low.

The one good thing about vyvanse, other than THANKFULLY being able to dissolve it in water to lower a dose if your doc is ignorant and makes yours too high, is that you don't have to watch your acidic food/drink intake really, it is still almost 100% bioavailible due to how it is processed, so it is very consistent. I also think this why they try to justify it lasting up to 12hrs, because maybe they think it is processed slower this way. I kind of believe it does take longer to process, because those crashes lasted longer, and were slightly more intense, they just drug on forever it felt like.

So in short, rather my vyvanse dosage was still too high, or my body didn't like the inactive ingredients in vyvanse, but the dex IR is a more pleasant experience all around, and 1 dose last only slightly less than vyvanse, but you get a second dose if you need it. Which I found nice incase I just need the affects a short time (but don't plan on sleeping for awhile due to the half life).
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