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Old 06-18-19, 02:34 PM
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Work, Routine, and Balance?

A goal of mine was to have remained a bit more active on these forums, yet funny how having ADHD-C always seems to act against what I want!

I'm not posting on the New Member Introductions forum since I am not a new member, but have been absent for almost three years and I figured I may as well try to meander my way back on here without much of a grand entrance.

Anyway, a lot has changed since I was last on here. I moved back to my home city of LA and have managed to get a very decent job at a legal non-profit--woohoo!

That being said, have any of y'all experienced very routinized sense of time when it comes to stable jobs? I basically have a routine on display in my mind as a pattern of blocks, where I pretty much follow through the same schedule every day, M-F, 8-5 (800-1700). Mondays through Fridays are very different, but they are pretty much the same every week. Saturdays and Sundays get the brunt of my exhaustion and ADHD perfectionism (after 5 days of following through a schedule, I mainly eat sleep, work out, at very odd, inflexible, and inconsistent hours and usually sleep late).

Does that kind of routine get boring to any of you? Do y'all ever feel like dropping the ball because the mundanity of it all becomes too under-stimulating, or it feels like too much to keep up with? Or have any of you actually found a way to balance these without wanting to just isolate in shame? (Speaking for myself)
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Old 06-19-19, 01:13 PM
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"A Very Routinized Sense of Time..." Oh, Yeah!

For me, it was the sense of being an ox harnessed to the plow, day after day...are we talking about the same thing?

I can't tell you how many times I felt like this, even during the most active, productive, engaged and fun times in my life (because--let's face it-- there are always lulls and valleys between the peaks). But in hindsight, I feel very lucky there were people and responsibilities holding me in position and pushing me to keep going.

The way I see it now there is always a little devil on my shoulder who is happy as can be when things are exciting, fun or in genuine crisis. But as soon as things calm down and there is routine work, maintenance, paperwork or planning to be done, this little devil pipes up and starts complaining about how boring it is, how I'm wearing myself down and wasting my life, even that ANYTHING would be better than this (and how wrong that would have been!)

Some people will tell you to ditch anything boring and follow your bliss, and maybe for some people this is a path to genuine fulfillment.

But for me, I think bliss would have been a mirage of shifting goals and desires. Instead, submitting to the steadying influence of key people around me allowed me to be far more productive, reliable--and ultimately creative--than I think I would have been on my own listening to that little devil-- that is still there, BTW, but (like the dogs I have trained) most of the time we both know who's boss.

So I can't say what would be best for OP, but I would just say don't let "boring" or "deadly routine" be the yardstick for valuing anything.
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