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Thumbs down Please Do NOT do the following & Things Just Not Allowed

Following is a list of rules that help to keep the forums a supportive place to gather and, more importantly, to keep the forums and its members safe.

Covered in this thread:
* Signatures/ Web Links/ Avatars
* Posting E-Mails
* Private! Includes Official ADDForums Privacy Policy
* Duplicate Registrations
* Banned Topics
* OD's, Illegal or Improper Use of Medications
* Suicide
* If Your Post is Edited
* No Solicitation
* Conducting Research on the Forum

Signatures/ Web Links/ Avatars:
*Due to complaints about signature length and content, we have chosen to adopt the following guidelines for signatures, in addition to websites and avatars. A Moderator will review any material that generates a complaint.

*All signatures must fit within a 468x113 pixel-sized box

*No flashing or annoying animation (annoying will be determined by the number of complaints your signature or Avatar receives)

*No porn or foul language

*No offensive content (offensive is defined as anything that generates a complaint and can range from porn to preaching)

*No links to warez or illegal materials

*No links to any site for "points". No blind links to generate income.

*No links to other groups, forums or communities in signatures or posts, without the explicit written permission of a Site Admin.

*No links to viruses, fake viruses, or anything which could be of a violent nature to anyone’s PC

*Signatures and websites linked in signatures and posts must be family friendly and must not be blatant attempts to sell products or services.The Website linked in your signature must include a reciprocal link back to

** Links to personal blogs do not require a reciprocating link on the personal blog site. Links to all other blogs, including those connected to groups, forums or communities, are required to have a reciprocating link on the first page of the blog site. **

*User violating the signature and avatar guidelines may have their privileges removed.

Do not post E-mails or other offsite social media accounts:
* Please do NOT post email addresses or other offsite social media accounts in posts. Doing so opens people up for unwanted spam and viruses.

* If you would like to communicate with somebody privately there are both email and private message options built into the forums and can be utilized by clicking on the member's ID or accessing their profile, if the user has enabled these options.

* Email addresses and other offsite social media accounts posted in the the forums will be removed and users posting these may be warned and put on moderated status.

* This also applies to signatures.

* Please respect each other's privacy. If you have an issue with somebody outside of the forums please keep it out of the forums.

* If the issue somehow becomes part of the forums please try to deal with it privately.

* If dealing with it privately does not work, please contact a forum moderator or Admin.

* Do NOT broadcast information in the forums that invades another person's privacy.

Duplicate Registrations:
* Do not let anyone else use your account.
We have a very strict policy regarding individual users registering one and only one account on this forum. The reason for this is simple - a user with more than one account usually isn't up to anything very good. If a user is found to have registered more than one account, the last one registered will be terminated and the user will be warned. Any further attempts to register another alias will lead to a permanent ban. If a user is already banned when trying to register another account, that person will be banned for life and will have their actions reported to their ISP.

Banned Topics:
* The main focus of ADD Forums is to provide a safe supportive place for people affected by AD/HD, and other co-morbid disorders. To do this, sometimes we must limit the scope of the permitted topics, to foster such a supportive environment.

* We have had issues arise here that have prevented this from happening - primarily members voicing their opinions about religious and political matters. While everyone is allowed their own opinions, there really is no other way to prevent such issues from "disturbing the peace", except to keep these things completely out of the ADD Forums in the first place.

* It is against ADD Forums Guidelines to discuss religious and political matters on the ADD Forums.

This includes:

* All Posts
* All Signatures
* ADD Forums Chat
* Private messages (complaint driven)
* Email sent through ADD Forums (complaint driven)
* Social Groups (and the messages therein)
* Blogs
* Profile Messages
* Gallery Comments

and may include, but are not limited to:

* War
* Terrorism
* Religion
* Patriotism
* Democracy
* Racism
* Ethnicity
* Politics

No posts on O.D.s, illegal or improper use of Meds

NO posts involving O.D.s, illegal or improper use of Medication are allowed

In an effort to protect all who use these forums, no posts will be allowed that encourage or support the illegal or improper use of medication of any kind. We do not condone illegal or improper use and do not wish to be a source of information for people who would use medication this way. This includes talk about overdoses or O.D.'s.



We at ADDFORUMS aren't trained to handle a crisis, we can't track down a person in need of assistance and we can't summon help. To put the people here in the position where they feel that they have to do such things is not acceptable.

We have a Private Forum dealing with Substance Abuse and Addictions.

Sucide threads

If you are feeling suicidal, PLEASE dial 911 or contact the hotlines below. The members at ADDF are not equipped to handle such crises. You do matter; please seek the proper assistance to deal with your situation.

Suicidal threads that discuss how to commit or indicate that the user is seeking death must be removed by moderators.

Posts discussing former ideation, attempts on suicide or experiences with ideation will be monitored but may be removed if they become problematic and cross suicidal post guidelines. Please add "Trigger" warning in title to warn readers of content.

USA National Suicide Hotlines Toll-Free Nationwide USA / 24 hours / 7 days a week


Canadian Hotlines:

International Hotlines:

If Your Post Is Edited:
* Locking/Editing/Deleting/Merging Posts:
If your post has been locked, edited, deleted, or merged there was a reason behind the change. If you choose to flame the Moderator for making a change to your post or thread, you may be warned or banned, depending on your posting history.

No Solicitation:
* No user may advertise, or otherwise provide information on any product they sell, distribute or market on the ADD Forums (either in a thread, post or private message) without the written permission of the Site Administrators. This also applies to solicitation of any and all products, services, organizations, content requests, medications and financial assistance.

Conducting Research on the Forums:
* No user may conduct research on the forums, nor solicit membership participation in off-site research, without prior written approval from an Administrator. Examples of "Research" includes, but is not limited to: Market research, collecting members' stories, polls, or surveys. Please contact an Administrator before creating such a post.

The ADD Forums Staff
The end is near...I don't have time to shoe shop for Andi!

To review the ADD Forums Guidelines, please click here.


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