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Old 05-10-12, 08:32 PM
cvstayner cvstayner is offline

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Re: Food texture hypersensitivity

I have the same problem I hate food but I wished I liked it. I gag or wont even try anything because I am so afraid of it being in my mouth. I don't know what to do. My family looks down on me for being this way and I never have an answer as to why I'm like this. I've never had anybody to talk to about my way of eating. People just always shake their heads at me in disgust. My eating problems have gotten me to only eat fast food and is always a plain cheeseburger and french fries I eat it so much that I even get sick of it. I try to try something else but never works. I just find another fast food place to eat. I'm running out of fast foods. I too love spegghetti but will not eat the chunks thats is in it. For me thats about as far as I go in liking food. My worst is just trying to see if I might like it, but mojority of the time I never try.
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Old 05-30-12, 04:37 PM
tigerrose tigerrose is offline

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Re: Food texture hypersensitivity

I just discovered this site and this thread. It's nice to know I'm not the only one that did not outgrow being a "picky eater" I'm 50 years old and there are many foods that make me gag still. Earlier in this thread someone said to hold your nose when you try to eat foods you don't like. For me that doesn't work, it's all about texture. I love the smell of steak when it's cooking. It smells soooo good! But if I try to eat it I gag. There are other meats I feel this way about as well. Love the smell but my mouth rejects the texture. Does anyone else have that issue? I like fruit but when it comes to any kind of fruit juice it has to be smooth. Can't do OJ with pulp. Also I can't eat certain things together. I'll eat a Milky Way bar but add peanuts to it which makes it a Snickers and I can't eat it. I love many different kinds of nuts but can't eat them if they are in something sweet like a chocolate bar or cake. Yet I love them in salads. I will eat vegetables but never in soup as I don't like the wetness or mushyness they get from soup. Just wondering if anyone else has these issues?
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Old 06-22-12, 12:47 AM
John21V John21V is offline

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Re: Food texture hypersensitivity

I just turned 16 today, (June 21st), and I actually checked up on this general topic a couple months ago. When I was 5 years old, something just happened, it was like I took a turn for the worst because I just stopped eating. My parents would shove things, literally, down my throat to try and get me to eat, but I just can't stand the textures of things. For me, it's fruits and veggies I cannot stand (that I know of, I havent eaten meat since I was little). I stumbled upon this thread a couple months ago as I mentioned, and I was crying so hard, it actually made me, a 16 year old boy in high school, so happy that I cried. I have not been able to eat like a normal person would. The same day I stumbled upon this, I found a way to fix things. You need to just roll the food around your tongue for a few seconds, then chew it. I did this with both Strawberries and Corn in the past two weeks. I bet you could imagine how unhealthy I am by me eating only dairy, eggs, and bread. Of course that means I have pizza and french fries when I eat out, which is... quite often. I'm just glad I'm not alone on this, but I have never been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD as a child. I need to also ask for help from you guys here, on how to lose weight fast even if I don't eat normally. I've cut back on soda (a lot, I only drink water, and I have only had water for the past week), and I have started to get some healthier habits with eating strawberries and the occasional corn on the cob. Just the other day I actually went out to lunch and didn't get anything, but my brother bought this chicken wrap (Lettuce, chicken, cheese, tomato, cesaer dressing) which contained things I utterly despise the texture of (tomato, lettuce). SO, up until that day, I didn't have chicken in 8 years, and now it's starting another streak. I just popped that stuff in my mouth and it was over with, but I nearly gagged because of the lettuce and tomato... So definitely, point of the story, take small steps, then take larger steps later on.
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Old 08-01-12, 07:51 PM
JoJo77 JoJo77 is offline

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Re: Food texture hypersensitivity

I'm a 30 year old female with an 14 month old daughter and I cannot eat a lot of things that I wish I could. The only veggies that I can eat are green beans, corn, and spinach. I so would love to be able to eat whatever my husband can eat. He hates going anywhere cause I cant eat most of the stuff on the menu with out taking half of the stuff off or making substitutions. I would so love to have a nice green salad but i cant swallow it cause of the texture plus the crunchy noise, i hate anything that crunches! So I have gain a lot of weight before and after my daughter and would love any help or suggestions that could help or will help. The only fruits I can eat are apples, raspberries and grapes and would love to eat more so I can be healthy for myself and be a great mother and wife.
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Old 08-10-12, 02:04 AM
Sophishy Sophishy is offline

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Re: Food texture hypersensitivity

I have the exact same issues with food. Phew! Not sure what it is all about or why, but it's nice to know I am not the only one like this.
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Old 09-15-12, 03:31 PM
Tonksmom Tonksmom is offline

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Re: Food texture hypersensitivity

This is starting to be almost funny. I'm a VERY picky eater. My mom has wondered if my taste buds are hypersensitive. But it's also smells and textures that can put me off. Veggies--love most of them raw. Cook them and they turn into very different things and most of them I strongly dislike. If broccoli even gets warm in the truck on the way to the grocery store, there's a smell that just doesn't make me want it in my mouth. Spinach--lovely leafy stuff, though I couldn't eat a salad with just that because it's a bit too bitter. Please don't cook it and expect me to eat it. It just looks nasty, never mind the smell and texture. I've always hesitated to accept dinner invitations from friends for fear they'd put something in front of me that I didn't like and I'd have to either gag it down or be impolite. Course that could have to do with the squid soup someone put in front of me one time when I visited them for a few days...
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Old 02-11-13, 07:13 AM
Sleeper929 Sleeper929 is offline

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Re: Food texture hypersensitivity

First let me say I have little knowledge or experience with ADD, and I do not, to my knowledge, suffer this condition. I do however have an inquisitive mind and rudimentary knowledge of scientific method.

It has come to my attention recently, that my own avoidance of certain food textures, generally associated with the sensation of eating something that is overripe or rotting, or in the case of mushrooms a texture that doesn't seem to fit into the categories of ripe or rotting well enough to be judged, appear to be strongly linked to potty issues in my youth. That is undoubtedly a seemingly ridiculous statement to the majority of people, but i feel strongly that there is a link between issues suffered at a chaotic and sensitive point in my development, and my avoidance of certain food textures. There is no way I could possibly explain the link in my mind that draws a correlation between these two disparate subjects, I simply feel it there, strongly.
So there's my two cents on the subject. Perhaps you will discover some enlightenment in it that will help prove or disprove some theory of your own.
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Old 03-09-13, 01:32 AM
peasnrice peasnrice is offline
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Re: Food texture hypersensitivity

Myself, my husband, and one of my son's all have ADHD/ADD. Both my son and I are extremely picky about texture. We seem to want everything smooth and separate. I got a little better as I got older, but I still won't eat:
1. Food that touches
2. Food with mixed textures (like crunchy onions in a bean burrito)
3. Meat or most veggie meat substitutes (varied textures)
4. Anything discolored or spotted, even if it's supposed to be
5. Jellies or smoothies with seeds no matter how tiny (but poppyseed or chiaseed muffins are fine and yummy ;p)
6. Anything that ever tasted off, even once, is forever ruined
7. Wraps or sandwiches unless I disassemble them, examine each internal component, and then put it back together myself.
8. Can't swallow pills (got one stuck once and it apparently traumatized me, lol, can't tolerate the air puff glaucoma test either, I jump away and shriek every time, wonder if this is a trend ;p)
8. Drinks with lumps. Like added lemon, or fruit bits.
9. Preserves, again with the fruit bits
10. Dairy. It's slimy/thick and one time I thought about where it comes from and that was the end.
11. Nuts or fruit in cake or jello.
12. Really bright food coloring.

Most fruits and veggies don't bother me, but I examine everything to death before I'm willing to eat it, and I don't want things mixed like fruit salad. There is a lot of other stuff. I think the big issue is surprises. I don't like sudden unidentified objects in my mouth. The moment something is a different texture than I expected it's like the food turns to tasteless paste that I cannot spit out fast enough. Then I can't eat it again for years.

My son is worse. He is almost 5, won't try new foods, still only eats fruits and veggies as purees. For a while he ate bananas but then the tiny black dots in the center got to him, and now he won't. He never even moved past stage one babyfoods. He wants to drink everything through a straw. He will eat some things like specific crackers, peanut butter, one type of nutrition bar. He doesn't even eat cake, although he will suck all the frosting off of any piece that gets too close to him (no matter whose it is). Oh, and chocolate chip cookies, potato chips (one brand one flavor), and french fries. At least he like chew-able vitamins =[

I never thought my husband had any issues, but after reading the other posts, he avoids mushrooms, avocado, coconut, tomatoes and certain green veggies. Maybe he does and I just didn't pay any attention because I was too busy begging my son to eat and freaking out myself ;p
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Old 04-25-13, 10:08 PM
Wendle Wendle is offline

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Re: Food texture hypersensitivity

I have just been reading all the posts with tears in my eyes as I have spent years with people telling me I should just eat or at least try the food.
I am 43 and never come across anyone with my eating issues. However my aversions seem to be similiar to those of most others in this forum.
I do not like mushy food. I dislike fruit and veg (I can eat some orange and yellow veg now). I almost vomit if I crunch on an onion that has found it's way into my food. Slimey food is definitely out and holding my nose to remove the odour does not work.
I am also sensitve to mouthwash and some tooothpaste. I cannot blend food, but have a had a bit of success in adding some green veg to my slow cooker meat as brocolli and spinach tend too break down into the gravy and I remove any lumps.
My husband is an ironman and is very strict and healthy with what he eats. I have 2 children to feed and have the occassional arguement with my husband about quantities of sugar in my children's diet. We are all slim, sporting people but I do have a problem with energy levels.
Preparing food for my family can be an issue because I do not like the feel of meat and mushy food. I wear disposable gloves to prepare a lot of food but I still feel like gagging and sometimes I no longer feel like eating the food after I have cooked it.
I always used to dread eating out , especially at other people's houses but after many years I have perfected the technique of eating around the food I don't like and pretending as if I have eaten a lot.
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Old 07-25-13, 07:56 AM
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Re: Food texture hypersensitivity

OMG, i cant believe this. I though I was the only one out there with food issues.

My nephew has food issues also, but i never focused much on it. But I thought it was great pay back to my brother because he would get very upset over my food fussiness as a kid. He was a real jerk about it.

I also never wanted to eat at a friends house because me and my food issues would alway be the center of attention.

I have my first visit to a Psychologists about ADHD set up for next wednesday
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Old 12-20-13, 12:05 PM
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Re: Food texture hypersensitivity

Wow - great to find a post about this here. I have been struggling with sensory issues throughout my life, but was only diagnosed with SPD this year.
Had talks with O.T and Pysch about possibility of ADHD - and am going through eval. process.

I ate fruit and veggies (or at least veggies?), up until 18 months, then all of a sudden, just stopped. parents tried pleading, bribing, hiding the veggies in food, covering it in sauce - but I could always find it, and if not see it, or taste it I could feel the texture. Poor parents were exasperated! and embarrassed when I started to go to friends houses - to tell the other parents I didn't eat any fruit or vegetables.
My diet consisted of pizza, bread, dry cereal, chicken (sometimes), hot chips or potato chips, chocolate (but not any lollies or soft drink), pasta and fish fingers (if I had to), eggs - with whites and yokes mixed together (defintely not scrambled) and ice cream. Anything else i either (involuntarily) threw up, or gagged on. Even when I tried because I wanted to (teasing from friends, or because I was so bored with eating), I still had the same reaction.

Diet stayed the same with a few minor things such as spreads (peanut butter, cream cheese etc.) and eventually flavoured milk was added to my diet. As well as meats like burger mince, and bacon.
My diet was exactly the same until I was 16 - and was admitted for anorexia to in-patient treatment (not picky eating or texture related). It was treatment rules to finish everything on your plate you were served or you would be kicked out of treatment. I ordered very wisely so that I could follow rules, but there were a fair few times where I just had to focus everything on not gagging or being sick from swallowing the ingredients like broccoli or celery in the dish. I did learn to like a few of the starchy and carbohydrate veggies i.e. potato, sweet potato, and of course corn - which is very sweet.

I've managed to expand my diet a fair bit... I now will eat peas or snow peas, broad beans etc. so long as they are not crunchy, and not too soggy, and are smothered/cooked in a strong sauce such as a stir fry. I will eat carrot (and sweet potato) but must be in a sauce or cooked in oven. I have become slightly more adventurous, in that since meeting my boyfriend he has encouraged me to try as many foods as I can, (I also know my 'pickiness' frustrates him a bit). I have tried Banana, zucchini, cucumber, and celery (again) all of which are my most hated, loathed foods which end up in me throwing up - (and added to that can't *stand* the strong taste, and its texture). I did try beetroot, but am not a fan, and I did once try a honey roasted fig - it was very sweet - but the texture had gagging (quietly - since we were at a dinner party). I did manage to eat a few slices of apple for a month (for most of the days), but I couldn't stand gagging after each bite, every day after a month. I breifly tried a mandarin too, the taste was *barely* tolerable, but compared to most fruit, it was good. Again - either the intense taste or texture.. or both... put me off after a week of trying not to throw up after lunches.

I am have a huge sweet-tooth...and by tooth I mean teeth.. its my favourite thing - but I've just back a fair bit off and on over the years.

Over the past year and a half I have gone vegetarian - for moral reasons, not because I dont like meat, which has made life interesting.. but am slowly building up the dishes (that I can actual eat...) in my repertoire :P

It's still hugely frustrating. I have made progress over the years, but it now feel as if I've reached my limits of new things to try and things I can tolerate eating.
It's a little dis-heartening, even after my few weeks-at-a-time attempts that I was open to and tried mentally very hard... my body and gag reflex had different ideas.

I shall keep on trying - hope you all have had some Luck re: food issues since the last post... which I only noticed about 2 minutes ago...was in 2005.
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Old 09-02-14, 03:21 PM
Arelia Arelia is offline

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Re: Food texture hypersensitivity

I'm so glad I'm not alone. I really thought I was a weirdo.
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Old 09-19-14, 12:09 AM
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Re: Food texture hypersensitivity

Originally Posted by Arelia View Post
I'm so glad I'm not alone. I really thought I was a weirdo.
Nope, you aren't! There are quite a few of us out there. Now my food issues are not just texture-related; I'm a picky eater whose pickiness can come from just about any of the 5 senses. Taste, of course; smell, definitely; sight, yup; texture, bingo; hearing - possibly, like if the food made a squishy gloppy sound such as you might hear as sound effects from a slimy alien in a movie! I was a regular participant at until they had to close down their message board and I don't care for the Yahoo Group format they use now. I like threaded message boards like this one so I can remember, track, and find topics I'm interested in.

So anyway, rest assured you're not alone, and keep posting - I'm here and I'm sure others will join in.
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Old 09-19-14, 04:26 AM
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Re: Food texture hypersensitivity

I really really wish this problem would be treated more seriously by the medical community, so that a solution might be found. I was seriously underweight/anorexic my entire childhood because of texture/taste/smell sensitivity and still have health issues because of that. Not to mention social problems because I couldn't go to kindergarten, camps or certain events because of the food. Unfortunately, I see this kind of behavior in my nieces and I'm worried that they're going down the same path.
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Old 09-19-14, 04:39 AM
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Re: Food texture hypersensitivity

I don't have too much of a problem with this, but if I can't eat something, I really CAN'T. (for example, "mussels/clams". ) So I can't begin to imagine living in a world where a lot of foods would trigger that same reaction as *mussels/clams* (shudder).

Yes I think it should be taken seriously and parents should have the rule where, you have to try everything once, but if a child has an aversion to something they shouldn't have to eat it.
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