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Old 06-02-19, 04:26 PM
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Smile New member, tryna figure things out, help?

I've been trying to figure out if I have either ADHD OR ADD. The more I read about it the more alarmed and confused I get. I live in Saudi Arabia and a psychiatrist would be difficult to visit and very extreme so I'm kinda leaving it as a last option thing. Funnily enough ADHD was always the thing that I always so sure I didnt have because I guess the way ADHD is usually portrayed is that your kinda jumping off the walls and noisy and hyper and while I was sometimes it just wasnt often enough.
Reasons why I think I have ADHD/ADD:
1) I speak really fast , especially if I'm telling a story and super talkative (I never thought much of this but I've watched several videos of people saying that thats a thing)

2) If someone is talking to slow for me, I tend to finish their sentences or try to guess what they wanna say. ( I feel so bad when I do it because I dont want them to think I'm being obnoxious but I cant help it)

3)I interrupt people a lot when they're speaking unless its an adult or someone with authority then I make sure to concentrate not to do that but I notice this the most when someone is telling a story I find myself interrupting them to tell them a story because their story reminded me of something else. My friend pointed that out to me and so I try to not do it with her as much but I think I still so.

4) because I sometimes try not to interrupt someone when their talking even though I remembered that I wanted to say something, by the time they finish I forget what I had wanted to say. (sometimes ill do a quick interruption and say remind me to tell u about ''key word' when u finish to help with this)

5) I rush through everything even when I dont need to, it feels like I put a timer on myself, so I usually finish exams way faster than I probably should and I force myself to finish projects really quickly which sometimes shows that Im rushed in them.

6) I also think I have dyslexia which I read could be a apart of ADHD but this confuses me because like Idk if I read things wrong sometimes bc of the ADHD and its actually not dyslexia or if it is just both. and its so much worse during exams because I keep losing marks over just reading the question wrong. but like im also really bad at spelling like sometimes i forget how to spell really basic words or other times not forget but i just find myself writing it that way and ill be like ?? idk why i did that lol

7) When I was younger like say from 3rd to 7th grade, I was a lot more aggressive and got in trouble often. 8th grade to 10th grade I was super depressed and a lot quieter with everyone except the one or later on two friends I had that I would talk to all day but generally I became a lot more subdued though I think thats when I become more of a daydreamer. 11th and 12th grade I was still sad but not as much it was more on and off kinda but thats when I started actually trying in school and also was kinda chill with most people but still talkative with my close group of friends.

8) I think ive always been impulsive but more so when I was younger. I graduated from high school 3 years ago and worked for 2 years before going to uni this past year and I feel like working has really kinda force most of the impulsivity out of me though I think I translated my impulsivity at that time instead of actions more towards shopping and just spending money in what I think were ridiculous ways. Now with uni I feel like its less though but every once in a while i kinda just say whatever and do what i want.

9) idk if this is apart of adhd but when I was in school I always could never learn in a class setting like I could never pay attention bc I would get bored so fast but if a teacher or a friend was teaching me something one on one I would get it so fast. The first time I was able to pay attention in class was in 11th grade bc my math teacher was great(math is the only class I ever payed attention to bc I felt like for the other subjects I can study on my own) and used to explain the lesson in 10 or 15 minuted max then the rest would be solving question which then me and my friends would work together on which made it easier to concentrate, I would also be able to take notes when she explained and she was just very direct in explanation. I struggled in 12th grade with my math teacher bc she would take almost 30 to 40 minutes explaining and would repeat so much (because she always wanted to make sure everyone understood) that I would lose interest within minuted and by the second semester I just kinda gave up and tried on my own whch resulted in me getting an E which was frustrating bc I had been doing so much better at school for the past two years.

10) I forget a lot! I forget my phones and wallets in ubers all the time, I forgot where I placed things I forget passwords. I try to rectify this by having two or three passwords that I keep on using so Ill usually try all 3 and see what works. I also try to keep things I use often in the same spot.

11) I go off tangent mid talking like Ill have 3 stories trying to tell one story then ill forget the original story. also i feel like i kinda did that writing these 10 things lol.

12) I can get really obsessed with things sometimes but then suddenly after a long while ill be over them, most probably bc I found something else to obsess over. This ranges from sports to hobbies to even games on my phone. idk if this constitutes as hyperfocus?

Reason I think I might not have ADHD/ADD:

1) While I do speak a lot, I can also be really quiet sometimes especially with my family or if I feel uncomfortable in an environment.

2)I can sit in one place like im not always moving, but usually i do find myself doodling or if im watching a video ill be highlighting and unhighlighting the words under a video, but like also i feel like i can watch tv shows sitting still but only if im really invested in it so idk?

sorry this is so long, if anyone got to the end congrats and thank you? also any help or opinions on this are very welcome.
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Re: New member, tryna figure things out, help?

Hello and welcome

We cannot diagnose you here (only a professional like the doctor or the psychiatrist can do that), but you might have ADD (emphasis is on might)

How badly are the symptoms affecting you in your day to day life? If they mean you really need the help and cannot manage without it, please do see the psychiatrist
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