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View Poll Results: Choose all that apply: any of the stimuli listed below too much for you?
Sensitivity to clothing (elastic, tags, etc.) 283 57.40%
Sensitivity to food textures 193 39.15%
Sensitive skin (slimy, to describe smooth surfaces, etc.) 182 36.92%
Sensitive to heat/cold 271 54.97%
Sensitive hearing/to certain noises 398 80.73%
Sensitivity to being touched 315 63.89%
Claustrophobia 156 31.64%
Sensitive to certain smells 263 53.35%
Other (please post your Other stimulus below) 77 15.62%
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Old 02-13-11, 04:57 AM
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Re: ADHD and Hypersensitivity (for the 2nd time)

Oh, let's see:

Vision: I am sensitive to bright lights - I don't go outside during the day or even into most businesses without sunglasses on. Fluorescent lights are more painful than incandescent, as well.

I can't stand loud noises. But sometimes, someone talking at a normal volume near me is not just distracting but also occasionally painful. This is actually variable from day to day, too. Crowds are difficult. Loud conversation nearby is difficult, even if it's a few people.

I also have a lot of trouble with soft sounds like chewing and slurping and other noises people make with their mouths and noses. It drives me nuts to hear people coughing or sniffling or whatever. To deal with my noise issues in general, I run fans in my bedroom to generate a kind of white noise-ish effect that drowns out many things (except the loudest noises).

Perfume, cologne, and cigarette smoke practically shut down my breathing. I choke on these things and look for fresh air asap. I tend to get frustrated and lose my composure when this happens, too. I also can't stand the cleaning aisle in grocery stores. The smell is like a wall.

Clothing tags actually bite me, or so it feels like. I've been grateful that my new clothes lately don't actually have tags (although I'd just cut them out, so it doesn't matter). Soft touches are really annoying, and if I've been getting a lot of sensory problems from other senses, it can get so that they're actually painful (this doesn't happen often, thankfully).

Actually, all my senses become more sensitive if I've been overstimulated - sometimes it's enough that even the dim lamp in my bedroom hurts my eyes.

I also have issues with people moving around near me, such that it drives up my stress and frustration level. And I also find that pressure helps ease some of my anxiety/stress from sensory problems.

I've known I had sensory problems for a long time (I especially remember cigarette smoke being a significant problem when I was very young) and I never really thought of them as exceptionally bad until I finally talked to my therapist, and she suggested they might actually be severe. Apparently, most people don't get severely stressed by sound, light, and other people while trying to shop, sometimes to the point of simply leaving the store in utter frustration, anxiety, and anger without buying anything. Who knew?

(reposted some of this from someone else's welcome thread)
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Old 07-20-11, 01:18 AM
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Re: ADHD and Hypersensitivity (for the 2nd time)

Sight: flickering fluorescent lights and computer monitors. Strobe lights, but only when "in" them, not viewed from outside/afar. Can't watch TV in the dark, seem to react worse to camera flashes and fireworks, and stepping out of the mall into the parking lot on a sunny day.

Touch: microfiber/suede type synthetic fabric on blankets and jackets mostly I've seen. If my hands are not moisturized thoroughly, paper and eggshell paint finish are complete overload. If moisturized, it's better. Lips need constant chap-stick layers (mostly because I chew a fingernail and rub a bit off and it has to be re-applied)

Smell: I've noticed it mostly in hand-lotions, but it smells like industrial chemicals and poisons me instantly. It makes my head hurt at the first inhale, and lasts about 20 seconds per inhale (stacks, but I quickly change to mouth-breathing). Once it was so bad, my fingernails and teeth throbbed. The intended scent of that instance was country apple. Most perfumes give me headaches, as does marijuana smoke. Old cigarette smell is less bad, I have no problem with second hand.

Digestion: any non-natural food ingredient (which is shorter than listing all the crap they put in food), my stomach will read as chemical, and react no better than the time I got turpentine on my hands and chewed on my fingers. Ugh. I burp up raw veggie tastes up to 18 hours (so far) after eating.

Food in mouth: I don't like varying textures. Examples: Chicken and fettuccine Alfredo. Love all 3 ingredients, but can't handle meat fiber with noodle texture, and creamy sauce. Chicken has to be separate from noodles. #2, watermelon: appears solid, falls apart in mouth, surprises with hard seeds. I typically cut and wash the seeds/liquid from tomatoes before eating too.

Hearing: only hyper chatter of children. It revs me up to their energy level, but in a completely negative way and I want to break something. I will pace and disconnect from other stimuli. Otherwise I like kids, and don't have the same problem with the crying. I would say physical hyperactivity in anyone can rub me the wrong way very easily.

Other: I can tell when an electronic device is receiving power when others' can't. The television at my parents' house would be blank but on and I would have to stop any conversation, get up, and turn the power off because it was overwhelming distracting. I classified it as hearing, but maybe my arm hairs felt it.
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