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View Poll Results: Choose all that apply: any of the stimuli listed below too much for you?
Sensitivity to clothing (elastic, tags, etc.) 283 57.40%
Sensitivity to food textures 193 39.15%
Sensitive skin (slimy, to describe smooth surfaces, etc.) 182 36.92%
Sensitive to heat/cold 271 54.97%
Sensitive hearing/to certain noises 398 80.73%
Sensitivity to being touched 315 63.89%
Claustrophobia 156 31.64%
Sensitive to certain smells 263 53.35%
Other (please post your Other stimulus below) 77 15.62%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 493. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 12-01-04, 12:18 AM
shdac shdac is offline

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ADDled quote - "Another aversion is people who clank their fork against their teeth when eating - "
OMG, just reading this without hearing it makes me cringe and push my tongue against the back of my front teeth.
I can't stand being cold or anything colder than 70 degrees. Figures I live in New England. I also hate heat above 90 degrees but can somewhat tolerate it but cold I can't.

I get startled really easy to sudden loud noises. The phone ringing, someone knocking on my door, alarm clock going off, people in the upstairs apartment constantly dropping things. I swear they do this on purpose. Also I can't stand the sound of the monitor and the ticking of the clock and faucet dripping. I sometimes listen to loud music to get motivated to houseclean but then I feel like my head is going to explode and must shut it off or turn it down. I also have a huge problem with the sound of metal utensils hitting each other.

I hate to be touched or tickled. I can handle family hugs but friends I still have a problem with and strangers forget it. And nobody can touch my neck or back of my neck or shoulder area. Sometimes I have a problem with people just being too close but not touching.

I can't eat squishy cooked veggies. They have to be uncooked except for corn and it has to be on the cob.

Very sensitive to light and sunlight. I have to wear sunglass all the time.

Sensitive to smells and most I can't tolerate. Thank God I have allergies and sinus problems so sometimes my sense of smell isn't too great.

I'm allergic to everything. Dust, pollen, mold, animals.

I can't wear metal jewelry or a watch because it causes my eczema to be worse.

I am also afraid of heights and get overstimulated and overwhelmed in large crowds.

I also feel other peoples pain. Its horrible, my daughter is so accident prone and always falling or tripping over things especially stubbing her toes. I always have to grab my feet too.

There are many others too.
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Old 12-04-04, 02:24 PM
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pembroke is just really nicepembroke is just really nicepembroke is just really nicepembroke is just really nice
i start my day at work by wiping down my desk and keyboard with a disinfecting wet wipe, because the night shift people seem to be such slobs. there will be coffee stains and crumbs all over everything.
there is a girl i work with who feels the need to share her enthusiasm for her music with everyone -- in spite of being told for 7 years now to please quiet down. she whistles along, sings along, claps along (pretty neat trick for a datatranscriptionist) and dances along to the music in her about driving an ADDer nuts.
I am also sensitive to cigarette smoke; even someone who goes outside to smoke and washes their hands after! I can still detect it on them, and it can irritate me. Which is funny, since I used to smoke.....
I haven't found any foods that irritate me yet -- with me things can't be extremely hot or extremely cold.
And I always feel like a fraud - any day now, they're gonna come and take me away....
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Old 12-06-04, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by MaybeADD_in_DC
As far as positives go - it's funny, I have always been hypersensitive to music and sounds, but I majored in music in college - there was definitely a positive side to the sensitivity as well ... I could get into the classical composers in a way other people seemingly couldn't. I was one of those people who would cry over a particularly beautiful performance. But the inattention problem would get in the way & I couldn't listen for long periods of time b/c my concentration would wander. I did best with really short, fast intense pieces ...
Heh, yeah, that sounds a lot like my experience! I'll really get into a musical piece for the first several minutes... but for anything particularly long, my attention starts drifting and I start getting all spaced out.
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Old 12-08-04, 11:13 PM
mary e mills mary e mills is offline
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I'm sensitive to bright light's. Just getting over my third migraine in two days, their not too strong, thank goodness. I've had really nasty one'si n the past.
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Old 01-08-05, 01:39 AM
abre los ojos abre los ojos is offline
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As a child I was hypersensitive to several things

I couldn't stand for the seam in my sock to be off the side, and would have my mother take my shoe off and put it back on about 5 times...I would get beyond frustrated trying to get it perfectly straight

The tag on the back of my pants or shirt would feel like someone jabbing me in the back with a sharp pencil....

Very sensitive to cold. I hated winter mornings getting up for school. I would stay in the hot shower for 30 minutes, partly because I was so groggy and partly because it was cold...I still get uncontrollable shivers when no one else seems to be that cold.

My scalp was very sensitive. My mother would try to comb my hair in the morning and it would kill me, even when she was trying to be gentle...

I had a low tolerance for just about every external stimulation, very sensitve to my emotions.
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Old 01-10-05, 07:38 AM
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LOL - abre los ojos -
My mom has stories of me and dealing with my socks! She would get so mad at me because I HAD to have my socks on perfectly straight, because of that horrible seam.

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Old 01-13-05, 09:35 PM
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Oh, and forgot about the fingernails...I could not tolerated my fingernails being cut, mainly the feeling of the of the tips of my fingers afterwards. My mother would cut my nails, but I would go insane if she cut them too short. I finally got used to it somewhat, but it took until my early teens.
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Old 01-18-05, 06:17 PM
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Slowpoke will become famous soon enough
My vices:

peanut butter, toothpaste (thank goodness they came out with the gel toothpaste!!)

ripe bananas, very sweet smells (perfume etc), air fresheners, seafood, coconut

coconuts, nuts in foods (I can eat them alone, but the clash in flavour is too much for me), candied fruits in fruitcake, octopus (japanese background)

getting into cold water - hard to do when I'm a swimming instructor
tags on clothes
sock seams
wearing socks when I sleep
bunched up clothes
hair in my face
having ppl touch the top of my head (like patting it), or anything coming twds my head

certain patterns actually make me feel NAUSEOUS..anyone else have this too?
examples are peeling wallpaper (in shreds, not chunks), the sticky side of old duct tape
-I think it might be anything that has a prominent change in depth in a small pattern...
but it literally makes my skin crawl and makes me dizzy

flashing lights get me hyper with loud music... I have never needed to drink much to relax and have fun at night clubs

electronic devices that emit the high pitched sound (TV especially)
repetitive rhythmic sounds are very distracting

very sensitive... my Dr. has realized how sensitive I am after seeing how I react to even minute changes in medication that most people wouldn't react to... but I am on a fairly high dose of ritalin.

apple juice (apples in general maybe) and orange pop/drinks make me really hyper, crazy hyper. When I was growing up, my friends would get me to drink orange pop just to see me get all hyper and funny... it was hilarious! So whenever we were goofing off at a restaurant and they had orange pop, they would warn everyone not to let me have any of it b/c I would get so wired...

there is a book I found in Chapters that is about hypersensitivity... the title is something like "Too Bright, Too Loud"... I only could afford one book at the time, so I bought "Unclutter Your Life" (which is a great book), but when I was flipping through this book on hypersensitivity, I really kept thinking "wow! finally there is some information about how I feel!"

So since I'm a psych major, I was thinking maybe that ADHD *IS* a hypersensitivity... there have been a lot of people who describe ADHDers as having an overactive reaction to stimulus... which goes hand in hand with my theory that perhaps our brains process things (or try to process information) too fast or by the "shortcut/survival" pathways and this results in the reaction.

I know that I am sensitive to audio and visual stimulation... if I'm reading a book and something crosses my visual field (that is moving object), my eyes automatically look at it... I can't read if there are people having a conversation right close to me... so forget reading on the bus unless I have music to listen to.

Interesting topic though.

I will eventually but the book mentioned above and let you all know about it.
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Old 01-22-05, 09:41 PM
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I was dx'd with hypersensitivity by my ADD psych. He suspected it and spent our first 1 1/2 hour appt. testing me for it. The next appt. was when the ADD testing started.

Clothing - I have to cut all tags out, hate socks, HATE bras, fabric must be soft if I can stand to wear it all day. I can dress nice in uncomfortable clothes for going places, but the minute I come home, it comes off.

Light - Doc said it added to the amount of overstimulation coming into my brain. He tested extensively to find the hue that would block out the most irritants (for me it was gray, which he said added to the proof of 'severe' hypersensitivity). He suggested wearing gray tinted sunglasses inside and out. I don't though....cause that's not very purdy...and also, looking through gray all day added to my depression.

Odors - I am the ONLY one with a sense of smell in my house, I swear! They all say I smell phantom smells but I tell you, there's some AWFUL odors lingering among us! Also, the stronger the smell of bananas or apples, the physically sicker I get. Actually ill (no details needed). I can't eat them either, for same reason.

Food - Picky. Picky. Picky. I'm even more finicky over texture than taste. I CANNOT eat meat fat or canned spinach for instance. Actually, people have said I'm picky,picky,picky, but it's only a few things that I cannot eat. But, boy, can I NOT eat them! Gag like a baby eating liver baby food. LOL

Color - This one wasn't listed as an option to choose, but I have a great sensitivity to some colors. Some shades of mauve literally turn my stomach, hurt my head, and I have to look away.

Sounds - I'm one of those people that can hear the high pitched buzz of tv and monitor tubes when they're off. My Dad could too.

Let's keep in mind though, that some of sensitivities are shared by all people - itchy wool, high pitched whines, slime, sticky hands, offensive smells ( well actually, some people like the smell of gasoline, I HATE it), and everyone has a food they hate I think.
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Old 01-22-05, 10:01 PM
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i posted this somewhere else, but can't remember where....

anyhow, i think i have a sensitivity to noise. certain noise, that is. if it's a band jamming, a concert, a cd blasting (one i LIKE), or me and the kids playing our guitars and piano, i'm good with it.

but i can't stand loud tv (really don't watch tv, but my kids do), i feel like the kids are constantly talking louder than they apparently are, because no one else notices this.....and my 5 year old....god bless her.....but that girl has the highest pitched voice i have ever heard, and seeing as how it is constantly in motion either talking or singing her heart out (why oh why did i pass on my love of singing) i feel at times as though spontaneous combustion is just around the corner!!!!

other than that, my greatest sensitivity involves a strong aversion to closed-minded, judgmental, dishonest, know-it-all human beings. truly, they make me ill.....does that count????
"I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues." Duke Ellington

"After silence, that which comes closest to expressing the inexpressible is music." Aldous Huxley

"Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music." Angela Monet
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Old 01-22-05, 10:07 PM
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free, I think we were seperated at birth. I am always saying Husssssh to my husband, cause even when hes not emotional, he has a powerful voice, and of course my daughter takes after him. I find I am always "running away" from the major hub of activity, like my living room, cause I cant take the TV, the talking and the BREATHING! I do think ADD and hypersensitivity are barely inseperable, cause its lack of a sensory filter of sorts right? I smell smells in the carpet, fridge, sky ect my husband looks at me like Im nuts. He said my first day back from my first psyc appt. "what did she say about you hearing like a German Shepard??" Its good, cause I see/notice emotions and beauty everywhere, its bad, cause I see everything else. Oddly meds have only helped minimally with this aspect of ADD.
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Old 01-26-05, 01:49 PM
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I was searching google trying to find out what could be causing all my hypersensitivity issues and came across this thread and was hoping someone might be able to offer advice.
I'm pretty sure I don't have ADD, never tested, but I don't think that's the issue, but these symptoms I have include real sensitivity to touch, tastes, smells, etc.
The worst one right now is that I have intermittant problems touching paper products. It makes my palms sweaty thinking about it and touching paper sometimes and it's driving me crazy. It also makes it hard to get things done, even though I try to ignore the sensation. There are other times, when touching anything makes me cringe and I have to just keep my hands fisted up
As far as smells go, citrus makes me sick, cigarette smoke is horrible, I can smell it from the other side of a building, my sense of smell is really sensitive.
I try and take vitamins but have issues swallowing the pills. I have to take a break inbetween them and sometimes can't even finish taking them.
Humming, whistling, etc drives me insane as do people that fidget.

Are there hypersensitivity disorders, are these other symptoms. Can anyone shed light on the subject?
Thanks for listening!
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Old 01-31-05, 04:56 PM
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i kind of think i act like a pigeon sometimes. ): you know how you can walk up behind a pigeon who is just doing his own pigeon thing and he'll jump like he's very startled?

that's me. i startle very easily and i sense other people's movements very easily. as well as EXTREMELY sensitive hearing (almost maddening) and a real problem with people touching me or touching anything unpleasant.

one noise that drives me insane is when someone wipes chalk off a blackboard. i swear i can FEEL it and HEAR it. i nearly want to run out of the room.
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Old 02-08-05, 07:16 PM
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Light light light. hurts my eyes, even the reflection off of a piece of shiny paper in a darkened room. owwie. Smell. I am sensitive to the point of being able to detect all the ingredients in a meal from two rooms away. Sound. I hear and startle to faint sounds alot. Touch. I hate when people touch me unless im expecting it. It makes my skin crawl. I get claustrophobic in crowds. I get hot and cold for no reason. hot then cold then hot then cold. I have to wear earplugs to sleep or I cant sleep because of the noise. Im not that sensitive to clothing and tags for some reason or grease or dirt. I feel more comfortable with a film of dirt on me for some reason. I feel exposed when I clean myself all over. not to mention really dry skin that peels. Maybe the wrong soap?
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Old 02-12-05, 07:49 PM
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I'm sensitive to all the above, especially the smells. I'm not allergic to most perfumes, though a lot of scented soap and moisturizers do give me a rash sometimes. But I have to get scent free antiperspirant, moisturizers, and I keep my perfume-wearing to a minimum, maybe if I'm going out one evening or something. It's having to smell the scent everywhere I go of the antiperspirant or moisturizer, it keeps me awake at night too. Even scents that aren't too strong, eventually I'll start getting really really sick of them.

My boyfriend wears too much Old Spice High Endurance deoderant, I think it might be my fault, I used to tell him how much I loved how he smelled, and I did at first. But now it's driving me crazy and not in a good way.

My skin is very sensitive to certain moisturizers and soaps, and it gets dry very easily, which feels almost unbearable, I can't think of much else when my skin is dry.
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