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View Poll Results: Choose all that apply: any of the stimuli listed below too much for you?
Sensitivity to clothing (elastic, tags, etc.) 283 57.40%
Sensitivity to food textures 193 39.15%
Sensitive skin (slimy, to describe smooth surfaces, etc.) 182 36.92%
Sensitive to heat/cold 271 54.97%
Sensitive hearing/to certain noises 398 80.73%
Sensitivity to being touched 315 63.89%
Claustrophobia 156 31.64%
Sensitive to certain smells 263 53.35%
Other (please post your Other stimulus below) 77 15.62%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 493. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 02-12-05, 08:01 PM
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OH just wondering, this is a big one for me. I absolutely CANNOT tolerate the sound of people chewing!!!!

I am okay with the sound of ppl chewing crunchy things, but when you can hear the gooey noises that accompany it, it drives me crazy. I can't eat with other people in silence, there has to be conversation.

I'm also very sensitive to music, even background muzak that they play in the shopping malls, it's not that I like any of it particularly but I can still lose my focus because of it.
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Old 02-20-05, 01:30 AM
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Lightbulb Thank Goodness I found this thread!!!!

Since I was diagnosed on February 1- just a couple of weeks now, it only took me about two days to realize that there is so much more about me that I feel like has to be a part of ADD. I cannot stand noises that other people make, I can be just as loud as them all I want to, but the way my mother sounded when eating her cereal in the morning is the first thing I remember just making me bananas. Now it's so much more, especially since I have 3 kids.
I was going to ask my shrink when I went back to see him if this was also part of it. I've been told a lot that there's something wrong with my ears- just by the people whose noises are irritating me repeatedly. I knew I wasn't like other people, but my ears themselves are "normal". Same thing with my eyes, can't stand too much light, I literally feel as though the sun follows me around all day just trying to get in my eyes. I can't tell you how many pairs of $2.00 sunglasses I go through in a year.
I also get very cold easily. This is not so exagerated as the sensitivity to sounds and light.

I'm just so thrilled to know where this comes from.
My son, who is ADHD has never liked to have tags in his clothes. This started around age 4. At Christmas, I felt so bad for him because his grandmother bought him some "nice" clothes- they were dressy-like for church. He acted miserable in them, her feelings got hurt, so his Dad, who does not understand ADHD at all- asked him, "What's wrong!?" My son said the clothes, "hurt". Dad got really upset, like he thought my son was trying to be mean to grandma. I also just bought him a pair of pants that he really likes, but they are very stiff. He told me after a couple of wears that he will just start wearing shorts under them. He thought of that all on his own, I've never discussed sensitivity to touch with him at all.
I remember deciding that I did not like turtle necks or necklaces when I was about 3 or 4.
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Old 02-20-05, 01:50 AM
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I Forgot something-Imagine That!

Oh yeah, I forgot earlier that about sounds- I can hear some kind of electronic sound . i remember in elementary school, TV's and computers were a rare treat. I heard the high pitch electronic sound, but didn't see anything. There was a woman next door who had a TV turned on, but the volume down, or off. I do that a lot. Nobody else hears a lot of the things I do.
And, in a room full of computers, electronics, etcetera, like at the college computer lab-theres a smell that almost gives me a headache
And about 6 months ago a Our garage door was open, I saw a mouse in the back of the garage. i've never seen one here before or since- I feel like he just came in ffor a visit. But, here I go freaking out, thinking there's probably babies running all over my house, setc and I put out some poison. About a month later, I started smelling something similar to a dead mouse. Noone else in my house can smell it, it is about to driive me insane, because I still smell it every now and then. No one else has smelled what I am smelling, they will say, yes I smell something, but it is because the trash is full, etc. That's not what I'm smelling. I feel embarassed, because I feel like its a dead mouse somewhere, but my brothers says that even if it were, the smell would be gone by now- 6 months later. I keep invisioning that there are just a nest of them inside my walls and that is why the smell is lasting forever. I don't know if it really is a smell from a mouse or if I am thinking its a mouse smell becasue I saw one. Anyway, it bothers me.
I know when I was pregnant thie last time, the doctors told me that a womans brain actually shrinks during pregnancy, and I might be real forgetful, not to worry about it. Also, pregnancy causes the sense of smell to become stronger. It is natures way of keeping us from eating spoiled food, etc. But these were things I'd always experienced.
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Old 02-20-05, 02:05 AM
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I think the absolute worst thing I can hear nowadays is plastic food wrappers, like potato chip bags, cracker wrappers, even grocery bags- rattling around. It doesn't matter if the person is trying to be quiet- that just seems to make it last forever. I remember a similar annoyance when I was a child. My grandmother would tear paper grocery bags in pieces every morning, as I slept about 5 feet away, in order to start a fire in our woodstove. This noise made me soooo upset- and I knew she had to do it, but I felt like if she knew how bad that bothered me and still did it, that hse must be just being hateful to get me out of bed. I woke up angry quite a bit over that.
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Old 02-20-05, 02:11 AM
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I have always known that sounds, lights, temperature, etc. bothered me so much more than other people. When we read Edgar Allen Poe in highschool, I loved the story- I think it was the "fall of the house of usher"- where the main character was a genius, but everything bothered him so much. He was hypersensitive. Therefore, I decided it was just that a part of being smarter than most. I seriously thought it was a way to "even out" the humans... but I always envied the "regulars" because they didn't have any worries it seemed to me.
I also decided that I didn't have any more room in my brain for patience, etc. because no matter how badly I wanted to have proper social skills, they just wouldn't come to me.
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Old 02-20-05, 02:21 AM
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I choose not to wear underclothes, pantyhose,watch or jewelry. I prefer no shoes, hair down gets on my nerves, I keep putting it behind my ears.

The only taste that I know of that bothers me is when I go to a restaurant and order sweet iced tea- that's the most common way we have tea here where I live- I'll ask ,"When was it made?" It tastes like it is moldy if it is more than I'm guessing a day old. Moldy is the best way I can describe it. I cannot believe that hte people I am with are actually drinking it- I have to send it back, almost call the waitress a liar, and watch everyone else drink it. GROSS!!!!
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Old 02-20-05, 09:56 PM
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im hyper sensetive to (A) being touched and (B) massive sensetive to light. Not sure why but im the only person (actualy, blame NHS and ASD but ive never looked into it deep anough to find root cause, on list of things to read up on) i know who wares sun glasses in the rain my eyes are that frikin sensetive. They never dilate together, always seperatly. To make matters worse i sait all day in a dark room infront of a lbright comp screen or a room full of halogen lights infront of a bright comp screen. The result, my eyes are oftern blood shot and hurt slightly because they dont react very quick. Oh yeah, and an offshoot, i have to realy try to fucus more than 7in infront of me because im never looking any futher than that 8hours a day, so my eyes hate focusing distance. Just a rant mostly, the touched thing is basicaly an issue for loads of reasons and im not in the mood to write a long post about why. But yeah, my eyes annoy me to no end.

Oh yeah, background noise is also an odd one for me. I cant work in silence at all, there has to be a radio or even whit noise, just not silence, i hate silence, i get distracted by my thaughts to much. When there is background noise though, be it music, a TV or just white noise (from my TV thats broken and does not tune to any channels) i get distracted by that as well. Kind of annoying but i get distracted by background noise less than i get distracted in silence. Im a cronic insominac too and oftern go to sleep with my radio on. Not realy listening to the music but i sleep better with it on, odd as but meh. My sterio has a "sleep" function so it turnes itself off after like 30mins or whatever i set it to and it has an alarm which i use to wake me in the mornings so i have to leave it plugged in over night. If my parents found out though theyd go mad at me for "using electricity".
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Old 03-13-05, 08:33 PM
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I'm sensitive to:
-Scratchy or itchy clothing, as in wool
-Tags on clothing
-Restrictive clothing around my neck (crew neck tops/ too tight turtlenecks)
-Certain smells
-Florescent lighting (it actually causes a glare, so I can't read text)
-Certain sounds, as in leafblowers, vacuum cleaners, snowblowers, wood chippers, saws, loud humming of computer modem, loud clock ticking
-Multiple forms of external stimulation while trying to concentrate on a task (people standing close, talking loudly, phone ringing, multiple requests at the same time)
-Reflective glare on windshield during rainfall
-Extreme cold (I can handle heat, though)
-Dead silence unless I'm trying to sleep, then I absolutely have to have it

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Old 03-17-05, 04:07 PM
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Smells. We have 4 cats and one of them, a big old Maine Coon cat, never learned to cover up his mess when he uses the cat-box. The box is way down the hall way from our bedroom, but in the middle of the night he will do his business and the smell will wake me from a dead sleep. Sometimes I can just put my head under the covers for a while until it dissipates, but more often than not, I have to get out of bed, go cover it up, and then try to get back to sleep. My wife sleeps right through it and thinks I am nuts. I am, of course, but I still wish I could teach that dang old cat some manners.
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Old 10-03-05, 03:20 PM
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My pants have to cover my ankles even when I am sitting. And I prefer my shirts either cover my wrists, or are above my elbow. I hate 3/4 length sleeves and shirts that are too short on the wrists.

I cant stand my skin when it has little bumps or pimples on it. It needs to be smooth or I freak out until I pick it or scrape it off.

I can only see clearly when it is sunny out, but cant stand it when it is so bright.

I prefer alot of external noises. I cant sleep at night unless my tv is on low volume and the bathroom fan is running.

I dont wake up when my husband walks around in the middle of the night, or when the dogs bark.....but my cats bell on his collar will wake me or when my little dogs walk into the bathroom to get a drink of water, their toes clicking on the floor wake me.
My mind not only wanders, it sometimes leaves completely.

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Old 10-25-05, 07:01 PM
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for some reason i cannot stand the texture of pencils or crayons. They feel weird and i hate writing with them, theres some sort of scrathing noise that just gives me chills, i haven't used either since i was 7.
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Old 11-11-05, 01:28 PM
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In addition to being extremely sensitive to most everything but food textures, I'm extremely sensitive to overhead lights, sunlight, and fluorescent lights.
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Old 11-11-05, 06:09 PM
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I dislike:

being touched by most people
synthetic fabrics
sharp, high-pitched noises
sharp, repeating noises
vacum cleaners, leaf blowers, etc
some food textures (like avacado and dried tomatoes)... avacado tastes yummy.. but the texture is nasty.
I used to hate the sound of phones a lot, but they don't bother me so much anymore.
the scent of hummus makes me gag
some colognes and some perfumes are really nasty to me.
some natural scents that people have are unpleasant.
strobe lights, bright flashing lights, etc.
bright lights in general can be annoying
the scent of some flowering plants seems overwhelming.
there is a cycad (tree fern) at work that has a scent that causes me to experience a mild feeling of being annoyed.... when it is flowering.

I like coffee.. the scent of it is so yummy.
I like the feel of some fabric textures.
I like touching things that have interesting textures.
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Old 11-13-05, 07:18 PM
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Reading a book called "The Highly Sensitive Person"...

I just started reading this book. Has anyone else read it and been working on any of its suggestions for coping with the different things it discusses?
I'm a newbie on this site and I have to say that it makes me feel so much better about myself, knowing that there are lots of other people who struggle with the same kinds of "slowness", sensitivities, confusion, and other ADD/ADHD stuff that I experience on a daily business. Now I've found this book and I'm feeling the burden I've been carrying around for so long lighten just a little bit more. I'm not so different after all!
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Old 11-15-05, 11:54 AM
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My Mom sent me that book several years ago but I've never read it -- since you seem to like it so much, maybe I ought to find it and give it a look.

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