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Old 04-12-03, 04:24 AM
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Post Awake at Night

Awake at night

Is it mania?
The doctor doesnít think so,
No doctor ever did!

What is it???
What keeps me?
Awake without a lid?

I'm a habitual night owl,
I've never complained
But I wonder why?
Iím on the night prowl.

I have not compiled
any time
Or condition
When sleep is an option
This is my admission

When others expire
I donít fall victim
Not until both mind and body
Have had a conviction
For letting the corporal
Abuse go too long
Then I lie down
And only then

Everyone else
Gets to bed
About midnight
As if the angels said
Asleep little children
Its time to slumber
Asleep all my children
Accept those
Who wonder
Asleep to all
Accept the curious ones
They donít get dust
So they wonít slumber

At first light
The little earthlings
Stretch their arms
And yawn
They got all that sleep
Yet they complain
And act insane
But they are those
Who enjoyed and lumbered
While I stayed awake
Looking for answers
To all the earthís wonders

Soon the thoughts appear
The ones no one can plunder
The things that look
Normal on the face
But underneath
Are filled with thunder

I'm thinking what makes a world round
I'm thinking how we could make
From a running greyhound
Alternating current
From the paws they pound
While the gamblers play the races
The dogs could be turning wagers
Into power to operate pagers
Oh my! There it is!
Iíve done it again!
Thought of something else
That nobody can!

IS that why the angels
Tell me at night
To stay up late
Without fright
To hear things and see things
That no one else can
Is that my job, to hear and see?
What is G_dís great cosmic plan?

I travel at night,
Without fear or limits
I think only of boundaries
That allow new gimmicks
I create every night
And think of things
That I would never dare attempt
In the naked awareness
Of broad daylight

Who for instance
Wants to think
While a human boss screams
"Get the dishes off the table
And into the sinks!"
Daytime is for being less,
Less even than a dog,
I can't think that way,
During the day,
Iíd seem in a fog,
No, I prefer to
Religiously disobey
The moms and dads who scream
Goodnight little boy little girl
Lights out
Not I, I say

Once they are asleep
The children of the world
Thatís when I become unfurled
The moon passes over
And I hear the funny noise
Of sprinkling cheese
Itís the moons pizza party
Where stars convene
Eating pizza craters
That are not very thin
They hardly can be digested
But the stars keep coming in

I nibble on the
Cosmic delight
And see things
That would overwhelm
And give great fright
To the average sort of
King Arthurís knight!

So the angels of thought
Donít throw me the dust
That puts others to sleep
What I must is what I must
Instead I lay awake thinking
They gave me their trust
Now how can I use it?
To make a negative a plus!

The angels know
Few ideas can withstand
The ignorance of
An earth grown man
But occasionally
They allow me to see
Something that will make men
Actually very happy
And humanoids my friends
Make fun of me
But it does not bother
Remember, I work for angels
And Iím not nearly as dumb
As the man who is known to me
as my fast asleep father.

by Jon
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"It ain't what ya don't know what gits ya inter trouble-- t's tha stuff ya know fer sure what ain't so!" Artemus Ward, written about a century ago.

"Rescue us, oh ADD angel, if you exist - from the attention by those who seek to limit us from our own unlimitations, who bind us in straw nots with arguments that hold no hay!" (me)

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