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Primary & Secondary Education This forum is for parents to discuss issues related to their children's education and AD/HD.

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Old 10-04-04, 02:36 PM
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ADHD and 504 School Frustration - help

I get so frustrated with my son's school sometimes. We have had several PPT meetings and they won't qualify him for Special Ed (IDEA) or the 504 even though he is diagnosed with ADHD and Anxiety NOS. They are providing services - but they are slow to start on things they promise and they don't seem to be communicating with all of his teachers only his homeroom teacher. I now get calls from the PE teacher since my little guy is overwhelmed in group situations and doesn't want to participate. He is 7.

It seems that the most important thing to this school is that he sit still, be quiet, be respectful and participate. They think he is working at grade level and this may be true - but some of his intelligence testing (when the ADHD didn't get in the way), shows he is very smart and at grade level may be boring or underperforming for his intelligence. AAAAAARGH.

He does take meds but his psychologist believes that we should wait to up his dosage until the school gets the accomodations and behavior plan into place. I hope that this helps him. I also want to have him retested after we do find the optimum dosage on his meds to see what his true IQ and neuro psych results are once the ADHD and other issues are addressed.

Any thoughts on approaches to the school would be helpful.
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Old 10-04-04, 10:49 PM
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Do you mean they wont let your son have a IEP for modifications under special ed?
Our sons listed as OHI which is other health impared this is due to his ADHD.
I have a terrible time with the school even though he has a IEP they don't follow it I recently met with a childs advocate to help me fight the school and restore my sons rights under his IEP.

Find a local advocate in your area there are many free ones out there and get them to help you get your son his IEP.

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Old 10-12-04, 01:10 PM
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First of all she is right get an advocate. The Federation of Families has a listing of advocate in all states. Secondly, uping the medication is not the answer. Getting the school to do what they are supposed to do is the answer. Unfortunatelly, all school wasn the kids to be quiet with their hands folded, they are much easier to teach.
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Old 10-28-04, 10:47 PM
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On the other hand, using an advocate is likely to adversely affect your relationship with your son's school. It is in your son's best interest that you have a positive relationship with his school. I recommend trying to get the school to meet your son's needs without involving an advocate. Perhaps you can bring an outspoken friend meetings with the school. Or maybe you could get the doctor to attend'd have to pay for his time, but the school might accept a doctor's explanations better than they will accept the same explanation given from a "lowly parent". I wouldn't consider an advocate until after you've tried non-adversarial approaches repeatedly. JMHO.

Have you had your son assessed by an occupational therapist for sensory integration (SI) difficulties. Your description of him feeling overwhelmed in gym class sounds a lot like he could be having some SI problems. If you're in Fairfield County, CT, I could give you a recommemdation for a well-respected OT with experience in SI --just PM me or send me an email.
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Old 11-02-04, 05:16 PM
jordiemom jordiemom is offline

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gingagirl, My son has been assessed for SI - he does have that going on as well and the school has him involved in OT for this - he goes twice a week for 1/2 hour. The OT does help, they have me doing brushing and joint compressions to help him deal with the oversensitivity to clothing and being touched. He is very affectionate with people he knows well, but doesn't like to be touched by others unexpectedly. I will keep in mind the OT, we live in East Hampton CT. Fairfield would be quite a haul, but if the school OT seems to become ineffective I will want the name of the OT you know. Thanks for the information. Boy also has a diagnosis of Anxiety NOS to go with the ADHD and SI.

He seems to be making strides now, we switched from the Adderall to Stratera recently and seems to help him a bit more though it has only been a week on Stratera. More later on that.
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Old 11-17-04, 01:59 PM
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I'm just finding out about 504 programs. My son's therapist said that he could write a letter recomending a 504. I haven't got him to do that yet due to the fact that I had very little idea what a 504 is. do you have a letter of recomendation from the childs therapist or doctor? anyone out there have a 504 for their child in place? how's that working and are there any drawbacks? I'm worried about if we choose to go this route will this further label my son and how does colleges look at 504's? I'm desparate for some advice right now because I'm confused and only want what's best for my son, yet you hear the horror stories about people trying to get help for their children and end up lossing control of their kids for the effert..... HELP!!
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Old 11-19-04, 04:25 PM
jordiemom jordiemom is offline

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marshawne - We did have a recommendation for a 504 for my son from his therapist - but the school had another program called the CIT (collaborative intervention team). I must say at first I felt he did not get enough legal protection under the 504 or the CIT, but this plan is very collaborative. We have been meeting first bi weekly, then monthly and are going to bi monthly. We is, me and my husband, vice principal, school psychologist, my son's psychologist (school is paying), special ed consultant, OT, his teacher, his reading and writing consultant. We all discuss and come to agreement on his behavior and academic progress, his current behavioral and academic goals, special services provided and any changes that need to be made to them. We also worked out a communication log book that tracks these goals from day to day - this book comes home to me daily to review, discuss with my son, sign and return.

Additionally, I found it very sensitive to his needs when his teacher called and asked me to help chaperone their fall field trip. That way I could be there to smooth out any rough spots.

The only problem still seems to be his PE class. He doesn't like to try anything new in front of people and then fail -so he doesn't want to try. This annoys the coach - so he is sent to the office. I need some more work on this one. He should not be sent to the office - the coach should be able to work with him to find out what is the problem and help him solve it.

How old is your child. My son is young (7) and I think that if the label gets him the help he needs to learn how to succeed with life and learning, I don't get hung up on the label. Until we had a label, the school tried to help but couldn't pick the best accomodations for him either. Don't know how colleges look at it, I would hope the grades and any activities or clubs that he gets involved in would be what they really look at.

Hope all this info helps.
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