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Old 01-01-19, 08:46 AM
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Is this common a ADD symptom?

When I was a pupil at school I could hardly follow what went on in class, I would rest my head on the table and daydream, but I could study my better when I was tutored and spoon-fed the material and could study a lot better when walkthroughed the text by someone instead of reading it myself, even when it was just another kid who knew the material slightly better than me. Is it an ADD symptom to fail at deliberate thought, which I heard in a YT lecture is the crucial ingredient for learning, or am I just indolent and can't be motivated by anything?
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Old 01-01-19, 12:57 PM
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Re: Is this common a ADD symptom?

Yes, I think deliberate thought is impaired by our disorder.
No, not a 'failure', it's an 'impairment' or 'disorder.'
We can do it, but not as easily or as well as most other people.

Executive function describes the ability to organize, plan and carry out a set of tasks in an efficient manner.
It also includes the ability to self-monitor and control our behaviors and other cognitive functions.

Executive function can be thought of as high-level thinking skills that control and direct lower levels of cognitive functioning.
ADD is not a problem of knowing what to do; it is a problem of doing what you know.

As far as I know, there is nothing positive about ADHD that people can't have w out ADHD. ~ ADD me
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Old 01-02-19, 03:13 PM
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Re: Is this common a ADD symptom?

Yes, I would say so. Our brains tend to wander if left to themselves, and it helps to have someone there to keep us on task.

Actually, our parents homeschooled us for this very reason. My brother was diagnosed at the age of 4, and the psychologist who diagnosed him suggested that he wouldn't do well in a classroom setting and that they should consider tutoring or homeschooling so he could have one-on-one instruction. They chose to homeschool.

I wasn't diagnosed or even tested in any way, as far as I know (though I'm pretty sure I have it, but being a girl and not particularly hyperactive, I just didn't fit the stereotype, especially back then - in the '80s). But they homeschooled both of us anyway, so as not to treat us differently. I think they were right to do so - I feel sure that neither of us would have fared well in a classroom setting. I think we would have been distracted and frustrated. As it was, we both had individual instruction all through our school-age years, and have done well academically.
"It's this brain of mine, it's always making mistakes. It's got a mind of its own!" -Crutchy in the movie Newsies
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Old 01-03-19, 03:06 PM
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Re: Is this common a ADD symptom?

everyone is different on that angle with different capabilities to do, and encorperate that doing elsewhere.

for myself (and this may or may not be the same case for ronelh and others), it took figuring out why things where important for me in order to really strive in places I never thought I could (have a great therapist so that helps).

I used to be horrible at planning things until, tooth and nail, little by little, I would plan. 1 day plan 1 thing, half *** it, the next day plan that thing and another thing, go two weeks with just those two things. the dopamine drip comes from marking down what we want on a piece of paper and then checking it off. heh, truthfully I'm back at to doing just that, however, the way we kind of encorperate are words to fit the bigger picture also helps (it's just like getting on a bike), sometimes that helps, sometimes not, sometimes it does after a while of jogging it in our memory.

a bit of long term thinking helps as well. like, for myself(sorry I'm on this self kick that my therapist says I should be on) in 3 years I want to graduate with my bach so I can make a lot of money so I can provide for those I love. as people with adhd, I think it's naturally to love others almost more than ourselves, so I had to connect those two dots, in order to better love others I have to do all the small steps that come at a kind of hindrance to immediate gratification.

know thyself. a perplexing aspect or, well, anyone adhd or not, nailing down are personality is a long gruling process. I'm really good at competing with others and on the flip, really good at competing against myself. so I have a time board, today I will do X,Y and Z for 20 minutes, tommorow, 22 minutes. the extended rate is so much that it doesn't hurt. those time boards are really for stuff that doesn't come completely first nature (cleaning)

notice how you feel: in taking strides to improve oneself a lot of the times it's pretty usefull to know how you(well, me and yourself) feel. in my case, when my room is clean (note, THIS room is clean) it helps promote a sense of inner ease and clarity (the room is a big part of anyones pshyche, ala the word this, this is my room). it's a WHOLE lot easier to study in a room that is clean where I feel an inner sense of wholeness when the room is a mess.

why is the activity important to the grand scheme of things. without kicking yourself in the pants because everyone with adhd does that anyway (a skill in itself really), take 1 mid long term goal (in my instance, working out and studying things I really don't want to). well, if I want a bach degree and to get a good job I have to raise my grades and be able to enter a flow state with said classes, we (I think) enter flow states for things that are important to us and even things that in the past where not important to us can become important to us enough that we do enter a flow state (via priority). I have to do my best in ennglish this next semester because it's part of the graduation plan, want to graduate to provide in the future for my own person and those that are important to me. I want to live for a nice long time and flourish, being 250 for the next 40 years won't cut it, I want to have fun, so, I have to make getting in shape a priority (and have).

::IMPORTANT have a daydreaming-creative outlet. kind of the behavior change thing and takes a while to develop the skill to do so. be it art, or just lounging in the tub for 4 hours where you can really engross yourself in daydreaming. after a while, come to terms with the realization of "is daydreaming outside of these things that I should really helping me"with prioritizing and having an outlet, most of the times the answer is no (even though continued maintenance is still needed)

talk and continue to talk, talk with friends, family members, a therapist of your own, this board. don't be afraid to share who you yourself are and ask for help, cause chances are, their are those who have been in your own shoes and are willing to divulge what they did.
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Old 01-26-19, 03:22 PM
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Re: Is this common a ADD symptom?

I used to ask classmates before exams: "Any last words of wisdom?" I'd give them something potentially useful that I knew, then they would usually do the same. I got a lot of help this way! (And never had to admit I didn't read the material or read it but didn't understand it)!
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