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Old 10-22-07, 06:05 AM
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Re: Adult ADHD Assessment Centres in UK

Heres a few, don't know how good they are. I haven't got the contact details but they should be readily available by ringing the associated NHS trust. They're mostly paediatric or child and adolescent but some of them will see adults for ADHD. The Adult psychiatrists are nearer the bottom.

Prof Asherson mentioned in the above post runs a national NHS clinic so he can be referred to from anywhere in the country. This means funding by the PCT "shouldn't" be a problem. Hes still there

acute attention deficiency syndrome - ADHD
Dr Alison M Kemp
Penarth (NHS)
Paediatrics, Hyperactivity, acute attention deficiency syndrome ADHD

Dr Larry Martel
Belfast (NHS)
Downpatrick (NHS)
Paediatrics, ADHD

Dr Kamal K Sawhney
Amersham (NHS)
Great Missenden (Private)
Harrow (Private)
High Wycombe (NHS)
Paediatrics, ADHD, developmental problems, epilepsy, growth disorders

Dr Myo Myat Lwin
Salisbury (NHS)
Paediatrics, ADHD, learning disabilities, community paediatrics

Dr Baljinder Singh
Newton Abbott (NHS)
Torquay (NHS)
Paediatrics, ADHD, physical disability and learning disability, epilepsy, autism

Dr Michael A Tettenborn
Frimley (NHS/Private)
Paediatrics, Allergy, autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD, chronic fatigue

Dr Vera Antao
Newport - Gwent (NHS)
Ystrad Mynach Hengoed (NHS)
Paediatrics, Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD

Dr Rajagopalan Muthukumar
Castleford (NHS)
Paediatrics, Behavioural paediatrics, autism, ADHD, Asperger's syndrome

Dr Walid I Anshasi
Kingston upon Thames (NHS/Private)
Richmond (NHS)
Paediatrics, Child development, ADHD, community paediatrics, adoption and fostering

Dr Catherine Macpherson
Belfast (NHS)
Paediatrics, Child protection, ADHD, autism

Dr Ruwan E De Soysa
Liverpool (NHS)
Paediatrics, Child protection, autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD

Dr Diana M Howlett
Weston super Mare (NHS)
Paediatrics, Community child health, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, complex learning disorders, neurodevelopmental problems

Dr Karina Hart
King's Lynn (NHS)
Paediatrics, Community paediatrics, ADHD

Dr Sita Jayakumar
Brentwood (Private)
Chelmsford (Private)
Grays (NHS)
Paediatrics, Community paediatrics, ADHD, developmental and behavioural paediatrics, autism

Dr Than Maung Lwin
Scarborough (NHS)
Whitby (NHS)
Paediatrics, Community paediatrics, ADHD, hearing difficulties, special needs children, autistic spectrum disorders

Dr John A Shaw
Oxford (NHS)
Paediatrics, Community paediatrics, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, behavioural problems, developmental paediatrics

Dr Abbas Latif
Llantrisant (NHS/Private)
Paediatrics, Community paediatrics, autism, ADHD, neurodisability, neurodevelopment

Dr Rosalind J Thorburn
Warrington (NHS)
Paediatrics, Community paediatrics, developmental paediatrics, ADHD, autistic spectrum disorder

Dr Sukanta Shukla
Welwyn Garden City (NHS/Private)
Paediatrics, Community paediatrics, neurodevelopmental paediatrics, autism and related disorders, ADHD, child protection

Dr Dorothy Milne
Maidenhead (NHS)
Paediatrics, Community paediatrics, neurodisability, sensory impairment, autism, ADHD

Dr Bratarti Bose-Haider
Bury (NHS/Private)
Paediatrics, Developmental paediatrics, ADHD, eczema

Dr D Desmond Walters
Aberystwyth (NHS)
Paediatrics, Diabetes, ADHD

Dr Richard J Purvis
Dorchester (NHS)
Paediatrics, Epilepsy, neurodevelopment, ADHD, Asperger's syndrome

Dr Nellie Adjaye
Maidstone (NHS)
Paediatrics, General child health, developmental paediatrics, autism, ADHD

Dr Andrew Tandy
Taunton (NHS/Private)
Paediatrics, General paediatrics, neurodevelopmental paediatrics, epilepsy, ADHD, dermatology, emotional, behavioural and educational problems

Dr Paula Sneath
Epsom (NHS)
Paediatrics, Handicap, autistic spectrum disorder, ADHD, developmental problems

Dr Velupillai Vipulendran
Haverfordwest (NHS)
Paediatrics, Neurodevelopment, paediatric disability, ADHD, DCD, DAMP

Dr Wajdi Nackasha
Chertsey (NHS/Private)
Woking (Private)
Paediatrics, Neurodevelopmental paediatrics, ADHD, paediatric allergy, general paediatrics

Dr Daphne Keen
London (NHS/Private)
Paediatrics, Neurodevelopmental paediatrics, behavioural paediatrics, ADHD, autistic spectrum disorder including Asperger's syndrome

Dr Andrew Lloyd-Evans
Harrow (NHS/Private)
Paediatrics, Neurodevelopmental paediatrics, neurology, epilepsy, ADHD, dyspraxia, autism, paediatric neurodisability

Dr Sepali Wijesinghe
Harrow (Private)
Wembley (NHS)
Paediatrics, Neurodisability, autism, ADHD, health of looked-after children, medicals, adoption - medical adviser to Brent adoption panel

Dr Kanagasabai Puvanendran
Basildon (NHS)
Brentwood (Private)
Paediatrics, Neurodisability, neurodevelopment, ADHD

Dr John Nicholson
Antrim (NHS/Private)
Carrickfergus (NHS)
Larne (NHS)
Paediatrics, Non-accidental injury, immunisation, ADHD

Dr Stefan M Herber
Grimsby (NHS/Private)
Paediatrics, Paediatric endocrinology, ADHD, epilepsy

Dr Paul F Gorham
Plymouth (NHS/Private)
Paediatrics, Paediatric epilepsy, ADHD, neurodisability, epilepsy, learning difficulties

Dr Kisholi A Nimalaraj
Bishop's Stortford (NHS)
Harlow (NHS)
Saffron Walden (NHS)
Paediatrics, Paediatric neurodevelopment, paediatric epilepsy, ADHD

Dr Christopher R Steer
Kirkcaldy (NHS)
Paediatrics, Paediatric neurology, ADHD
Dr Diane Smyth
London (NHS/Private)
Paediatrics, Paediatric neurology, epilepsy, migraine, developmental delay, neurodisability, specific learning difficulties, ADHD

Dr Peter I Lachman
Harrow (NHS)
London (NHS)
Paediatrics, Rheumatology, allergy, asthma, ADHD, community child health

Dr Rajeev G Banhatti
Northampton (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD

Dr Robert Britchford
Weston super Mare (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD

Dr Vinod Kumar
Mansfield (NHS/Private)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD

Dr Immanuel McKenzie
Huddersfield (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD

Dr Paul W Millard
Huntingdon (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD

Dr Yvette Parker
Exeter (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD

Dr Claire Sturge
Harrow (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD

Dr Michelle M Thrower
Glasgow (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD

Dr Colin C Tinline
Redditch (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD

Dr Michael T Venables
Haywards Heath (Private)
Horsham (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD

Dr Richard Ing
Brighton (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, anorexia nervosa

Prof David H Skuse
London (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, autism

Dr Gordon Bates
Birmingham (NHS/Private)
Solihull (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, autism and Asperger's syndrome, head injury, epilepsy and behaviour, Tourette's syndrome

Dr Richard Soppitt
Broadstairs (NHS)
Canterbury (Private)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, autism, dyslexia, SENDIS tribunals

Dr Paramala J Santosh
London (NHS/Private)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, autism, neuropharmacology, neuropsychiatry

Dr Peter J Bowers
Stalybridge (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, autistic spectrum disorder, child protection

Dr Stewart W Scott
Carlisle (NHS)
Workington (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders

Dr Saeed A Nazir
Grantham (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders, depression and self harm, eating disorders

Dr Sarah Glen
Selkirk (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, Crisis intervention

Dr Radha Bhat
Bromley (Private)
Croydon (Private)
Worthing (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, depression, transcultural psychiatry, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychotherapy

Dr Katherine Gingell
Dudley (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, education

Dr Morris Zwi
Richmond (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, evidence based practice and systematic review's methodology

Dr Sarah J Newth
Birmingham (NHS/Private)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, learning difficulties, general child psychiatry

Dr Rodney C Adams
Bristol (Private)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, learning disabilities

Dr Michael A S Field
Dundee (NHS)
Perth (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, learning disability

Dr Omana Thachil
West Bromwich (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, neurodevelopmental disorders

Prof Peter D Hill
London (NHS/Private)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, obsessive compulsive disorder, Tourette's, autistic spectrum, dyspraxia, anxiety, depressive disorders

Dr Julian Parker
Ipswich (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, parenting assessments

Prof Chris P Hollis
Nottingham (NHS/Private)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, psychosis, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder following accidents

Dr Anthony E Livesey
Sheffield (NHS/Private)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD, psychotic illness

Dr Birgit Berg
Sutton (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Adolescent psychiatry, ADHD, parent-child game, group work

Dr Shahid M Ahmad
Accrington (NHS)
Blackburn (Private)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Anxiety, depression, ADHD, behavioural problems, youth offenders, access issues, custody issues, child abuse

Dr Nicola Von Fraunhofer
Mitcham (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Asperger's syndrome, ADHD

Dr Laurence A Sheldon
London (Private)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Autism, ADHD, developmental psychiatry, learning disabilities

Dr Ian Stewart
Winchester (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD

Dr Christopher Evered
Birkenhead (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Child and family psychiatry, ADHD

Dr Catherine Mangan
Belfast (NHS/Private)
Newtownards (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Cognitive behaviour therapy, family therapy, ADHD, eating disorders

Dr David W Wozencroft
Peterborough (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Depression, ADHD

Dr Patricia M Chapman
Halifax (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Eating disorders, ADHD, affective disorders

Dr Mohan G Thomas
Rotherham (NHS)
Sheffield (Private)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Eating disorders, ADHD, psychosis, conduct disorders

Dr Julian Brockless
Slough (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Family therapy, ADHD, child protection

Dr Duncan Manders
Edinburgh (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Learning disability, neuropsychiatry, autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD, Tourette's syndrome

Dr Nicholas Myttas
London (NHS/Private)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Neurodevelopmental disorders, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, tics disorders, Tourette's syndrome, psychopharmacology, forensic adolescent psychiatry

Dr Gillian S Rose
London (NHS/Private)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Neurodevelopmental disorders, ADHD, eating disorders

Dr Carmen Clemente
London (NHS/Private)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Obsessions, phobias, Post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD

Dr Clio Bellenis
Eastleigh (NHS)
Winchester (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Paediatric learning disabilities, ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders

Dr Mike Blows
Bury St Edmunds (NHS/Private)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Paediatric liaison, ADHD, neuropsychiatry, looked-after children, psychosomatic conditions, attachment difficulties

Dr Christine Absolon
Shepton Mallet (Private)
Wells (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Parenting, ADHD, Tourette's syndrome

Dr Anne McClure
South Shields (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Pervasive developmental disorders, ADHD, psychosomatic disorders, neuropsychiatry

Dr C A Chandola
Dover (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, adolescent depression

Dr David Coghill
Dundee (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Psychopharmacology, ADHD

Dr Timothy Morris
Burnley (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Service organisation, ADHD, youth offending

Dr Girish Vaidya
Sheffield (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Substance misuse, ADHD, forensic psychiatry

Dr Kenneth Ross
Manchester (NHS)
Psychiatry, Adolescent sex offenders, male deliberate self harm, ADHD

Dr Rafik I S Refaat
London (NHS/Private)
St Albans (Private)
Psychiatry, Autism, ADHD, adolescent psychiatry

Dr Roger J Williams
Stockton on Tees (NHS)
Psychiatry, Child and adolescent psychiatry, ADHD, looked-after children

Dr Nuala E Keenan
Armagh (NHS)
Psychiatry, Learning disability, ADHD, epilepsy

ADHD - attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Dr Mark Berelowitz
London (NHS/Private)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD - attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, child physical, emotional and sexual abuse, child protection and risk assessment, child adoption, foster care and wardship

ADHD - attention hyperactivity deficit disorder
Dr Alison M A Fraser
Rochdale (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD - attention hyperactivity deficit disorder, autism

ADHD - primary care mental health
Dr Obianuju Ugochukwu
Great Yarmouth (NHS)
Psychiatry, Early intervention in psychosis, ADHD - primary care mental health

ADHD and associated comorbidities
Dr Margit Bommen
Stevenage (NHS)
Paediatrics, General community paediatrics, education medicine, ADHD and associated comorbidities

ADHD and autistic spectrum disorders
Dr Gillian Salmon
Swansea (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), ADHD and autistic spectrum disorders

ADHD and challenging behaviour
Dr Inyang E Takon
Hertford (NHS)
Welwyn Garden City (NHS)
Paediatrics, Epilepsy, ADHD and challenging behaviour, cerebral palsy, child protection, neurodevelopmental paediatrics, neurological disorders

ADHD in adults
Dr Leon Rozewicz
Harrow (Private)
Psychiatry, ADHD in adults, neuropsychiatry, bipolar disorder

Adult ADHD
Dr Sudhir K Salujha
Stockport (NHS)
Psychiatry, Adult ADHD

Adult ADHD
Dr Robert C Schapira
London (Private)
Psychiatry, Adult ADHD, addictions, cognitive behavioural therapy

adult ADHD
Dr Manjunath S Minajagi
Leicester (NHS)
Psychiatry, Bipolar disorder, adult ADHD

Adult ADHD
Dr Christine Tyrie
London (Private)
Newcastle upon Tyne (Private)
Washington (Private)
Psychiatry, Eating disorders, alcohol problems, stress, women's mental health problems, Adult ADHD

adult ADHD
Dr Puran Chand Madan
Brrentwood (NHS)
Psychiatry, General adult psychiatry, adult ADHD

adult ADHD
Dr Chris Taylor
Harrogate (Private)
Leeds (NHS/Private)
Psychiatry, General adult psychiatry, recurrent depression, psychosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, bipolar illness, adult ADHD

Behavioural disorders in children including ADHD
Dr Sami B Timimi
Sleaford (NHS)
Spalding (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Behavioural disorders in children including ADHD, mood disorders in children, cross-cultural child psychiatry

Dr Kate P Ward
Keighley (NHS)
Paediatrics, Gastroenterology, nutrition, child protection, behavioural/autistic/ADHD

Diagnosis and management of ADHD
Dr Audrey Oppenheim
Altrincham (Private)
Hale (Private)
Liverpool (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Diagnosis and management of ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders, diagnosis and management of children with anxiety, depressive and psychotic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, assessment of children suffering from

including ADHD and autistic spectrum disorders
Dr Dinah Jayson
Altrincham (Private)
Sale (NHS)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Neuropsychiatry, including ADHD and autistic spectrum disorders, narrative family therapy, externalizing conversations, motivational interviewing, resilience, public education

neurodevelopmental disorders including ADHD
Dr David Kingsley
Cheadle (Private)
Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent), Early onset psychosis, neurodevelopmental disorders including ADHD, adolescent mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome

psychiatry including ADHD and autism
Dr Anton Van Rhijn
London (NHS)
General Medicine, Paediatrics, psychiatry including ADHD and autism, nutritional medicine and allergies, homeopathy and healing
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