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Concerta (methylphenidate) Time released Ritalin - 10 hour long acting tablet.

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Old 12-04-13, 05:53 PM
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Unhappy Is concerta dose too high?

Just some background info;

Started on meds the beginning of november.

Ritalin worked very, very well for me. I responded really well to 5 mg twice a day, which is what I started with. More focused, slowed down my thoughts, and on top of that it made me MUCH more social. 10 mg twice a day was even better. I was even more relaxed and engaged. One pill would last around six hours, and I took one at eight am and another at noon, so there was an overlap.

I switched to concerta because the ritalin would make me moody and depressed at six or seven pm, when it was wearing off. Also the appetite loss was too much.

So Im on 27 mg concerta. Yesterday was my first day, and I felt the same as I did with regular ritalin. I felt the effects last basically the entire day--even approaching bedtime; so from 8 am to midnight. I was out with my friends that night and I felt totally invigorated.

Today was a whole different story. I took one at ten am, and the focus kicked in immediately. But everything I had a class presentation and I didnt do as well on it. I usually improvise my presentations with ease and I'm pretty articulate, even though I talk too quickly. This time I felt as if I barely had anything to say. I spoke coherently, but I paused a lot during the presentation and kept blanking out.

I felt numb and emotionally blank the entire day. I still do right now. Theres no undercurrent of anxiety there either. Its so strange--I couldnt laugh at all at anything and my personality seems to have disappeared. I have no motivation.

I dont understand how the same med taken back-to-back can have two wildly different effects? Could today be just an anomaly? Am I building a tolerance? Is my dose too high?

I dont know what to do right now seeing as I wont be seeing my doc for another 8 days. Can I do something to make 27 mg concerta work better?

Thanks so much and sorry for dragging it out so much
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Old 01-26-14, 10:33 AM
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Re: Is concerta dose too high?

Your question is from a month ago, what happened over the holidays?

Your explanation does not sound like tolorance. It either sounds like too high a dose, or just an adjustment period to be actually calm.

You can't "do anything" to 27mg Concerta. The pill needs to remain in-tact for the time release effect to work.

I had a similar "zoned/spacey" result when stepping the Concerta dose from 18mg to 27mg. In some ways the 27mg makes me much more calm and relaxed, and that's good. However, it calms me down so much I kinda blank occasionally. The more I get used to the calm the more it seems to go away, but I may step back down to 18mg.

Seeing as Concerta is time-release Ritalin, I wouldn't expect it to have different appetite loss. (So far on 27mg Concerta I have zero appetite. I eat out of habit/reminders.)
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Old 01-28-14, 03:05 PM
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Re: Is concerta dose too high?


Yeah, many people experience this issue when switching from Ritalin IR/LA to Concerta including myself.

While others will give you great feedback and info regarding this, it may be something to talk with your doctor.

Here are some things you may try:

- Some people notice Concerta can be delicate regarding food, if they don't eat they may feel really slow and tired. MAKE SURE -> You EAT when you take it. (before), a good breakfast.

- Of course the sleep,diet,etc thing; make sure your all good on that.

But your 100% RIGHT, When switching from Ritalin IR/LA (Excellent) -> to Concerta (all these weird reactions occur, or its like Concerta is very delicate and unreliable.

RITALIN = A++ 9.5/10 (LA/IR)
CONCERTA = D- 6.5/10 (Reason: Unreliable. When Concerta works it works, its smooth for the day, but the problem is getting it to be like that. Concerta seems to very sensitive.

Speak with your Doctor.
Great people here on the forum, they will surely reply and help you out ...
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