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Concerta (methylphenidate) Time released Ritalin - 10 hour long acting tablet.

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Old 01-28-14, 04:36 AM
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Re: Concerta and Emotional Numbness

Originally Posted by seamstress View Post
So, I've started up on the concerta (the real brand not the generic one), and I felt myself becoming more and more emotionally numb. It's a very very scary feeling. When I am off the medication, I am usually a highly intuitive and highly emotional person and I usually tend to overreact to things. I tend to pick up on the emotions in my atmosphere, like I can't filter out other people's emotions. If they're sad, I'm sad, if they're cranky, I'm angry. Which is probably why I'm so moody.

Also...I tend to cry more easily, when I feel bad for people who are put in unfortunate situations. I could also get overly sad or frustrated when things don't go my way. I am also usually very empathetic, as if I am feeling other people's emotions more deeply than they themselves are feeling them! I see that as a good thing in certain contexts. Bad, because people can manipulate you when they know you're highly emotion...

But, when I'm on the medication..I become very apathetic...I don't feel anger, fear, happiness, or sadness or any other emotion to the same extent. I thing that's a very very bad thing. I don't feel bad for people as much as I used to even though I should. On the medication, its like I'm completely disconnected, and I feel like I don't want to socialize, sometimes. I don't get that "reward" feeling from socializing. I also tend to find things that I used to find scary or anxiety-provoking completely more normal... Maybe I am overanalyzing things?

I don't want this medication to turn me into some numb psychopath-like state. I want to be able to "feel" things again! So, I'm going off the medication for a while. Maybe I need to lower the dose? Has anyone ever experienced this before? Feeling very odd in some kind of over-medicated state? Could this medication somehow shut the emotional part of my brain "off"?
I feel the simular way! My mood is stable and I dont get as sad or as upset, Im neither AS HAPPY as often as I used too.

My mood used to change many times a day and I used to get really upset over small things and I would feel this anger in my chest but as soon as it came out I would get over it. i would also feel this psysical joy rushing trough my body for really small things like sunshine.

Now on Methylphenidate Sandoz (they were out if concerta at my pharmacy when i bought it and these are the first meds I tested 36mg a day) I dont feel much until something REALLY GOOD or REALLY BAD happens.

Is this stable mood where something really big has to happen for me to get ****** of or happy what its like to be normal? Is this the way NTs feel?

Is this why NTs don't get AS excited about small things as I used to?
Is this why people around me would say things like yeah thats kind of nice when I would think its absolutely over the top awesome?
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