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Old 04-20-09, 02:11 PM
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Cool My brain is totally SPINNING these days!!

HELP!!! I just realized a week ago that I must have ADHD. Prior to that, I was on 200mg of Zoloft and 1.5mg of Klonopin until I went totally off the Klonopin as of 60 days ago and am down to 125mg of Zoloft as of a 10 days ago (using after a taper). My brain is totally SPINNING these days!!

- I want to relax, I just can't
- I am obsessed with reading every book on ADHD
- I can't stop researching ADHD on the web
- My mind is sooooo noisy
- I am back to harsh, quick reactions to my wife

I have always felt much of the above, but it has accelerated following my ADHD discovery and SSRI and Benzo tapers. It's like I am so aware of the ADHD behaviors now and it is making me crazy!!

I am being seen by an ADHD pdoc in 4 days. Not sure what I am asking for...maybe some re-assurance...who knows.
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Old 04-20-09, 03:39 PM
madscot125 madscot125 is offline

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Re: My brain is totally SPINNING these days!!

Im kinda in the same boat as you there my friend, although without any meds or psychiatric help. I have been to see my GP and Im now on the long road to an assessment but I do understand you.

Over the last few weeks I have noticed myself forgetting things alot (dont really know if it is worse or not because I never really noticed how frequent I did it), butting into conversations, etc. I dont know if its because I am aware but I seem to think I have gotten worse.

As for the researching, my god my brain wont give it up. I have been asking how to make my brain stop hyperfocusing for weeks. It seems to finally settling down and now I am starting to adopt a few simple little things which should help me little by little.

I would suggest exercising and getting out in this lovely weather. It takes my mind of it a bit, not much, but some is better than none

If I can help in any way my friend then just send me a wee PM. I understand.
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