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Old 05-22-18, 01:01 AM
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All disease is preventable

I’ve been trying to synthesize as much of the literature that I’ve been able to absorb.
Please can I ask for opinions ?

The conclusion (just copied from the end of this email)
ALL disease results from the way that we live our lives and is wholly preventable (as stated by Hippocrates).

As stated by Hippocrates (‘let food be thy medicine’).

Hi ...
Thanks for your interest in our work. What we have found is that fresh foods, including meat and vegetables, do not contain PAMPs (which stimulate TLRs and inflammation). However, when you chop them into small pieces (such as grated carrot or minced meat), this provides a large surface area for bacteria to grow on. This is what we mean by processed - ie anything which has been chopped into small pieces and stored for some time. PAMPs accumulate only very slowly on a large steak, but very quickly in minced meats, because a certain type of bacteria grows quickly in the minced meat. The same thing is true for some vegetables, particularly onion. There is no problem with most fermented goods, such as yoghurts and probiotics, since those bacteria do not release their PAMPs.
author name removed

And then from PLOS one recently
Endotoxin in the Diet Impacts the Level of Allergic Sensitization in Germ-Free Mice (PLOS one 2017)

Factors result in Intestinal permeability and alters the composition of the gut microbiota, allowing bacterial components from the gut lumen to reach the systemic circulation.
Changes in intestinal tight junction permeability associated with industrial food additives explain the rising incidence of autoimmune disease

Diseases of Western living caused by -> processed food (high in endotoxin) + process food increase intestinal permeability lead to gut microbiome (bacteria) entering blood stream -> LPS/induced IL-1/TNFa -> pro-inflammatory environment -> Inflammation (commonality underlying all diseases of Western living) -> diseases of Western living.

There's much more to the idea but I'll just list the first ten parts to the idea which come to mind.
1. Psychological distress -> chronic glucocorticoid (cortisol) / adrenaline production and resistance
2. Processed food -> chronic glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid resistance
3. Loss of prebiotic/probiotic -> reduced gut biomic diversity -> loss of butyrate-producing bacteria
4. Butyrate -> HDAC inhibitor (anti-inflammatory)
5. High meat diet (umami)/High dairy diet (casein)/High Wheat diet(gluten) -> Glutamate rich
6. Glutamate -> excitotoxin
7. Reduced GABA (organic low GI vegetable diet) increased Glutamate (Western diet)
8. Optimally diverse gut biome -> synthesis of feelgood neurotransmitters (95% serotonin produced in gut)
9. Fasting -> b-hydroxybutyrate (like butyrate) -> pro-GABA neurotransmitter (relaxation cf benzodiazepenes)
10. Pesticides destroy gut biome (increased intestinal permeability) eg organophosphate class eg

Lots more - but to cut to the chase - the entire family of Western disorders are caused by the Western lifestyle. So - psychological distress (from the life people lead as described on 'rat park' underlies physiological distress (as described in 'rat park') as a depressed population requires stimulant (blood glucose elevation and glutamate) to get by.
There's lots more to the idea eg [next ten ideas to come to mind] (1) Mitochondrial ROS generation under stress (2) Anti-oxidants in proper food are protective (particularly herbs and spices) (3) Mitochondrial biogenesis through lifestyle (4) Psychological distress eliminated by simple definition of what a mind is for (ie morality) (5) IL-1/TNF-a -> operate through c-fos/c-jun ie 'early gene response' (6) Cortisol resistance proven to occur through chronic stress (Cohen,2012) (7) cellular oncogenes (like viral oncogenes) trigger cellular growth -> de novo (not salvage pathway) purine/pyrimidine synthesis (8) I've found that caffeine treats my asthma (adenosine antagonist) ie same as switching from de novo supportive (remove endotoxin/LPS in bloodstream) to salvage pathway (9) Fasting also treats my asthma -> autophagy and stem cell renewal ( (10) Positive effects of b-hydroxybutyrate and butyrate on mood / mood swings / epilepsy.

... ... ... I think I've captured nearly every aspect of life, that I can ... ... but the conclusion turns out to be the Western lifestyle causes the diseases of Western living ?

Trying to make the conclusion a little simpler - that distress on a few different levels (particularly psychological stress through having meaningless goals in life) leads to a chain of events in which inflammation and pre-mature ageing to the diseases of Western living occur ?

I've had to read hundreds of job adverts today so 'got' to see what everybody was doing,
The trigger came when I saw (1) Methotrexate -> treats cancer and auto-immune disease (2) Steroid -> treats cancer and auto-immune disease (3) HDACi -> treats cancer and auto-immune disease (4) The new 'biologics' (anti-TNFa/IL-1) treat cancer and auto-immune disease ie the four of them can be connected in the scheme above (1) DHFR inhibition by methotrexate above (mechanism of operation of caffeine to alleviate my asthma) (2) section on cortisol/adrenergic resistance (reason why b-adrenergic agonists and prednisolone cure my asthma) (3) section on (b-hydroxy) butyrate above (reason why fasting treats my asthma) (4) section on endotoxin/LPS above (note infections trigger asthma).

Just to continue - that basic idea has been 30 years in the making and comes down to the first proper essay I wrote in my first degree.

Simply: IL-1/TNFa -> c-fos/c-jun versus Glucocorticoid Response Element <- cortisol
(+) -> <- (-)

So - IL-1 drives proliferation and cortisol calms proliferation.

Can't we simply call pathology NOT physiology ?
We've spent much time working out how to treat pathology but wouldn't maintaining physiology work ie the prevention rather than cure approach ?

Physiology is maintained if Mineralocorticoid/Glucocorticoid aren't called on (ie the body is ticking over nicely and the internal environment is untroubled).
c-fos/c-jun [anabolic] -> <- steroid (made from chaining acetate or small chain fatty acids together)
Ins/IGF-1 (anabolic) -> <- leptin
carb -> <- fat
ancient -> <- modern fuel
growth -> <- maintenance/differentiation

ie what we have in human development is a shift from growth to differentiation - however it fails (the emails yesterday on psychological distress driving a growth promoting internal environment which leads to

  • over-growth (inflammation underlying all common disease),
  • mutation ie somatic mutation in developmental disease/cancer (as growth rate exceeds our capacity to error check),
  • infectious diseases (since the immune system is now dysregulated) (eg,
  • neurological development (eg connecting to learning disorders
  • even mental disorders (the valproic acid model of autism and the Dutch Hunger Winter leading to schizophrenia) can be accommodated.

    So ... I guess I'm asking whether we can identify the same basis to polygenic, monogenic, infectious, learning disability and mental disorders - as (in effect) the consequence of psychological distress from living a life which is incompatible with the mind ie not personally satisfying ?

    The Western disorders of living are a result of the way that we live our lives ?
    Or more simply ALL disease results from the way that we live our lives and is wholly preventable.
ADHD understood - simple matter of defining purpose (morality) of mind
See Stabile 'enforced moral consistency' ~15 years ago, nothing else since has been of any relevance to ADHD.
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