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Dexedrine/Dextrostat (dextroamphetamine)

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Old 04-10-09, 12:21 PM
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Re: a handful of Dex questions

Originally Posted by ozchris View Post
Effexor withdrawal is horrible. I guess i'd consider SSRI's addictive physically (sometimes).
Oh I definitely would. I found Effexor to be highly physically addictive. A prime example of addiction without abuse. It happened really quickly too. My dad had a similar experience with Paxil but I had no withdrawal problems with that one.

I would classify my Effexor experience as physical addiction. My body became absolutely hooked on it and I had terrible physical reactions to the absense of substance. Just because I didn't get "high" from it doesn't mean I wasn't physically hooked on it.

Conversely, I have not experienced withdrawal or rebound symptoms with Xanax. Even when I took it daily, (TID for a while) I had no problems with discontinuing. Now I take it as needed for anxiety attacks and have no problems with it. I have no physical symptoms that occur from discontinuing it and feel no need to take it unless needed for the condition I use it to treat.

Benzos can be a wonderful thing, and they can be a problem... everyone's experience is different. But it's unfair to generalize that everyone definitely will or will not experience rebound/dependence/addiction/etc.
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egodystonicadhd (04-10-09)
Old 04-10-09, 02:46 PM
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Re: a handful of Dex questions

I really must say thank you to two statements that are so very true.

First, Muldoon... you said....

"ANY drug, prescribed or OTC, can be addictive."

How VERY true that is.

And second, Merielynn... you said...

"But it's unfair to generalize that everyone definitely will or will not experience rebound/dependence/addiction/etc."

I think those two statements can pretty much sum it all up.

I have been on a medication roller coaster recently, and tried prescriptions that people absolutely raved about, but did nothing but turned me into a raving *****. That is putting it mildly too.

The roll call...

Adderall 60mg per day (taken 3 times per day)
Focalin (ick ick ick and NO HELP for me AT ALL)
Cymbalta (total crap for me but I have a friend who it works GREAT for)
Wellbutrin (waste of time)
Serequol (part of misdiagnosis over 5 years ago and quickly stopped by pdoc)
Risperdal (see serequol note as it was same)
Klonopin (currently taken as needed for severe anxiety)

Currently Dex 45mg per day (15mg 3x per day) and so far working fabulously.

So this list is well over 10 years now of trial and error and a lot of was taking for only one month, or two at most, until I would go back to the old standby of Adderrall.

My doctor yesterday just looked at me and said it was obvious that after all of our work together it was clear I had an extremely strong case of ADHD. I also have OCD, so some meds were to help with that, but I finally said that I can deal with the OCD (re-organizing my house mainly, esp. my closet according to shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, jackets, matching suits, t-shirts with logos on them, them belts and ALL in color order so my husband has learned to ignore me), but the ADHD was so overwhelming, that the OCD became so secondary.

The anxiety... well... I could so be Sandra Bullock in The Net and just stay home, work from my home office and deal with people via the internet, email, postal mail, phone and fax rather than in person, so when I have a speaking engagement I take my Klonopin and then it is like nothing is wrong at all.

My focus the last two days has significantly increased and is nothing like even when I was taking my Adderall, which I was impressed with.

As far as eating, when I was diagnosed with ADHD I read a lot about weight loss and how Hollywood Celebrities loosing weight were said "To Be On "A"" and taking Adderall, so eating BEFORE taking my meds actually controls that for me.

The big difference though came with cognitive behavioral therapy and I don't really think many people have mentioned that. I not only see my PDoc, but also a therapist who specializes in ADD/ADHD and helps to modify patterns of behavior to accomodate the life of an ADDer.

And I have a WONDERFUL and extremely supportive husband who ordered books and read them on living with an ADD/ADHD partner so he understood it from his perspective and not from all of the books I had on being the one with ADD/ADHD. That was a huge turning point too, because he did not blame me for mess and clutter, but blamed the ADD and worked with me to understand why I was the way I was.

Boy... did not mean to type so much... sorry about that! But thanks for everyone's input. It really does help a lot to all of us living with or living with a loved one who has this unharnassed gift of ADD.
Dx: ADHD, OCD, GAD, Ego Dystonic, and possible PTSD.

Rx: Vyvanse 70mg (recently switched from Adderall 60 mg 3x a day), Klonopin .5 mg 3x a day, Zoloft 100mg 1x per day, Ambien 10mg (as needed and on a limited basis)... Have tried Luvox (OMG!!! Don't get me started on the bad side effects), Seroquel (felt like I was hungover for 2 days after taking it), Risperdal (turned me into a zombie)... Needless to say I was misdiagnosed as BiPolar.
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1dsx (09-30-09)
Old 01-14-20, 11:24 AM
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Re: a handful of Dex questions

Originally Posted by ~boots~ View Post
In WA as far as I know, the max dex is 9 x 5mg daily, without special permission, or 6 x 5mg daily + 5 x 10mg ritalin daily, if you combine the two.
(that's what I get)

whoa i didn't know you could combine the two> how does your dosage schedule work? does it help sleep?
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