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Adderall (four amphetamine salts)

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Old 10-17-12, 04:48 PM
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Anyone here take adderall/similar with restless leg syndrome meds? (Mirapex, requip)

I've always had insomnia, I'm prescribed trazodone and it helps me sleep at night a little, but it made me realize the problem wasn't me not being tired enough, it'd because I can't stop moving my legs. I've always had this problem of always shaking my leg, constantly needing to move it and walk around even if I have no energy, it's like my legs have energy and the rest of me doesn't. It's like a horrible crawly feeling, not painful, just a...pain-like crawling sensation in my legs all the time (moreso at night) that's only truly relieved by walking, and is relieved a little but not much by shaking my leg and moving it while sitting. I never knew until recently this was a disorder, and I thought it was just the same thing as insomnia.

After looking up what's used to treat it, the first-line drugs for it are mirapex and requip, which are dopamine agonists. I'm wondering if it interacts with adderall in any way, keeping in mind the RLS meds would be taken at night after the adderall wears off. They both affect the dopamine system, it's just that adderall release dopamine which binds to all the receptors plus other things, while mirapex itself binds to some dopamine receptors(of which cause RLS) without affecting adrenergic receptors, thus causing sedation instead of stimulation.

I've talked to people who take them for RLS and they work great, but I can't find anything about if a doc would be willing to prescribe it at night while taking adderall during the day. I don't really want to bother asking if it's an obvious no :P
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