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Old 03-11-09, 10:51 PM
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Unhappy "Help", I'm feeling completely overwhelmed!

"Help",I'm feeling paralyzed because everything seems to be a priority! I just sent this email to an out of town friend who was supposed to drop by. He knows I have ADD and hopefully will understand. This is what overwhelm feels like to me.

----- Original Message -----
I'm not ignoring you, you're bubbling away on the "back burner" of my brain along with all the other "pots" that are boiling over. In other words, I'm suffering from overwhelm.

My "plate" isn't just full, it's piled so high that things are falling off and crashing on the floor and I'm stepping on and slipping and sliding on the mess.

The hard drive of my brain is getting ready to crash!

My brain's train of thought feels like the ball in a pinball machine, shooting from here to there. Everytime it lands on something, instead of being able to do it, it goes shooting off in another direction because of something else that I was reminded needed doing.

Same with the state of disorder in the house. I know I'm supposed to stick with one room until that's done, but I find it impossible to do, because everywhere I look I see another mess that I'm tired of looking at and want to declutter.

Everything seems to be at the top of my To Do list and everything and everyone seems to be an equal priority. No wonder I stayed up all night and then slept all day.

So tonight I get up and read a few emails, inc. yours, and the pinball starts bouncing again and the phone never stops ringing and I want to move to a small island somewhere with no phones, no cars, no computers, no mail, no ......, well you get the idea.

I should go see my Dad and I saw on caller ID a call from my brother and then a call from my MOTHER'S number. Now I'm really freaked out.

Note here: I haven't talked to my mother in about 15 years.

Lauren wants to come back home for her senior year and I want to move away from here. I can't take care of anyone else, I can't take care of myself or even a parrot.

I want to go back and hide under the covers.

I'm suffering from paralysis, because I don't know what to do first....................

************************************************** ********************************

Ok, what do I do first? I know some people say just do something, but I have so many things to attend to that everything really is a priority. As soon as I start on something, I'm reminded of something else I need to do first and the "pinball " (my brain) starts bouncing off in another direction.

It's not always this bad (thank goodness), it's just like I've said, I've put a lot of things off and things have just piled up to the point where I've got so many full plates there's nowhere else to put them.

So I did the only thing I could think of. I ignored the ringing phone, the emails, the bills, the house mess, etc. and sat down to write to my fellow ADD'ers, the only people that could begin to understand how I feel right now.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Feeling addelerious (and not in a good way, today)
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
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