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Old 04-17-17, 02:40 PM
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Weight loss before adderall, continued weight lost after adderall...

Hi all,

Background info:

* When I was young, I was very skinny and underweight. Around age 10-11, I started to gain weight and that weight gain did not stop until I changed my diet/exercise habits last June (nearly 11 months ago)
* I am 5’4.5”; My highest (recorded) weight was 246lbs. My current weight is 175lbs.
* I was ~200lbs when I first began Adderall, back in a November/December time period. I began Adderall after my doctor’s long suspicion of having ADD finally lead him to sending me to a neuropsychologist
* I have been medicated for generalized anxiety disorder and “clinical” depression for nearly three years. I have taken several different antidepressants and anxiety medications. I now take two anti-anxiety medications with my adderall. Since starting adderall, I am less anxious/more focused/doing better in school and at work. I used to get really sad during the crash period and still sometimes do, but I have found ways to manage that.

I continue to work out and eat healthy. I am a college student and sometimes stress gets the best of me and I miss some gym visits (something I never used to do, under any circumstance, when I first began the diet/exercise regimen) or I eat too much/too little, but I am “generally” consistent. Since I started adderall, my appetite isn’t ever so present but I try to make myself eat most of the time.

I began my weight loss journey with the intent to lose the weight (after many failed attempts) and I promised myself I wouldn’t let *me* down again. My workouts are very intense. I split my muscle groups into 4 categories and go to the gym to do 5 sets of 12 rep for 6-7 exercises, one category per gym visit (I will go 4 or 5 times a week). After that, I do some HIIT cardio and finish off with some yoga. I also take a yoga class once a week.


I’ve lost quite a bit of weight already. I went from 246 to 200 before taking adderall. I started adderall [15mg XR in the morning, 10mg XR at noon], continued my lifestyle and kept losing weight (totally expected). In the last few months, like I said before, my diet hasn’t been as strict as it was when I first started to lose weight. Now, I am at 175lbs. I’m working with my doctor to manage my ADD symptoms and hope to be off of adderall within the next year or so.

I have worked really hard to get where I am and don’t want to lose all of my progress. I plan to be down to 145 by the end of this summer. This is my “end-goal” weight for now; I am very muscular and want to maintain my muscle mass to keep my skin intact & able to heal. I’m HIGHLY concerned about gaining every pound I’ve lost (even more adderall) once I get off of it. Is there anything I can do to prevent myself from experiencing this?

Am I losing weight because of adderall? If so, I feel that I am "fooling" people (even though I do put hard work in at the gym and in the kitchen) into thinking I've worked to get where I am in terms of weight loss when Adderall has done some of this work for me.
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