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Teacher's Corner A public forum to discuss the challenges of ADD/ADHD in schools

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Old 03-25-13, 07:59 PM
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Red face Re: Calling All High School Teachers with ADHD

Thank you for this thread and for all who are sharing! This is such a relief. I am in my 5th year as a 10th grade English teacher and newly diagnosed with ADD. Before I admitted that something was wrong, I thought my struggles were because I was new and I would figure them out as time went on. But instead of better, things have gotten worse. And, without the delusion that things are going to get easier, I am no longer willing to work myself to death to keep up appearances. I am debating whether to leave the profession or stay. I definitely need a change. I am still trying to find treatment that works while keeping my head above water. I do find that people have a hard time believing that people can be intelligent and professional and have ADD. All they see is the product, what I am able to produce in public, but they have no idea what I go through to create it, what the process costs me. I too struggle with lesson planning, discipline, taking attendance, paperwork, etc. I need to start my masters this year to keep my certification but do not know how that is even going to be a possibility in my current state.
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Old 03-11-16, 10:03 PM
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Re: Calling All High School Teachers with ADHD

Thank you all! Like many of you I have much of my career (20 years teaching hs science feeling like a fish out of water). I have a history of not planning and much delayed and haphazard grading. I over-focus on a teaching one topic or grading one assignment and neglect many other things. I dread parent calls and abhor this powerschool parent portal bs that is a window into my gradebook.

I love my students and I love science. I believe in what I am doing and want to do it well, but I have so little faith left in myself. I am so tired of disappointing my students, my colleagues and myself. Now my daughters are students in my school and they have to deal with their Dad's reputation.

I am trying to use Gqueues with Google calendar manage tasks and time and exercise and meditation to manage my brain.

Teaching involves SO MANY tasks and decisions, I would love to find a support group for teachers with ADD/ADHD

Let's wake this thread up! What WORKS?
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Old 03-11-16, 10:05 PM
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Re: Calling All High School Teachers with ADHD

hope you stayed!
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Old 04-27-16, 09:35 PM
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Re: Calling All High School Teachers with ADHD

Originally Posted by FiguringItOut09 View Post

That said, I am wondering how open I can/should be with my students. I know that it may be helpful on a relational level to connect through the shared experience, but I also don't want to potentially put myself in a awkward situation. I would never tell a student anything I don't want the whole world to know (obviously, since they're TEENAGERS!!!), but I'm wondering what people's thoughts are on this.

My two cents, Iam not a teacher, would like to be at some point. However, I was in spec Ed classes all through school. I can't tell you what it would have meant to me if one of my teachers was open with me about their struggles. ADD and or LD. To know that someone else was successful with it, would have been huge when I was a kid.

Think how vulnerable kids are at that age. When I was in school I wanted nothing more then to fit in. Obviously I did not do that. I had to go to the special room each day for "resource" and I had to take my tests there. There end nothing "normal" about that.

Had a teacher, any teacher I had at thT point said they had dealt with the same thing, or that they understood what I was going through would have meant the world to me.
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Old 05-22-16, 03:54 AM
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Re: Calling All High School Teachers with ADHD

Good to see this thread and read about the similar issues others face. I've been teaching social studies and history for eight years and while I love my job there are elements I really struggle with. I don't keep a lesson planner at all since I found within a couple days I'll have to rewrite it, then again two days later. I am always late getting papers marked and returned to students and my desk is always notoriously cluttered.

The biggest issue I've had is with moderation. In NZ we have to have our marking of assessments checked by having a random selection sent away to be verified. That requires keeping all the student work for checking a year or more later. So many times I've had panic as I'm missing a few of the assessments somehow. Every year I tell myself this is the year I will get it under control and will have a better way to organise, and then it happens again.

I don't have an issue in the classroom though. I find my very animated delivery of information works well, I like that I can be constantly moving around and every day is different. Management isn't an issue for me and I think I find it easier to relate to some of my struggling students than a lot of teachers do. They are shocked when I tell them I struggled as a student and nearly failed the very subjects I now teach.

So it isn't the teaching, it's the paperwork that goes with it that is the bane of my existence.
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Old 04-11-17, 06:59 PM
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Re: Calling All High School Teachers with ADHD

I have ADHD inattentive type and I am a high school teacher.
Last year I taught history and economics in South Central Los Angeles. I had 160 students. My psychologists described it as trauma.

This year I have around 135 students mostly 14 years old and some 17 and 18 years old. A little more than a week ago I was told my contract would not renew. I now work at probably the best Charter Schools in LA

In the first semester, I had a small group of students who would come to me and say I lost their assignments and I couldn't remember and was insecure so I exempted them. Then I spent a lot of money on a rubber maid 12 tray system for home and school. I even hired someone to do my grading. I would create rubrics and he would grade everything. I would love to do my own grading but it is the total emotional exhaustion of student intentional verbal abuse of me makes it hard for me to function at all outside of the classroom.

Anyways second semester these students tried to tell me I lost their assignments for a big essay I refused to accept these students would claim I lost everything things I had not even collected. Students wouldn't even check what assignment it was and say I lost it. I put my foot down. And then students starting going to the dean or vice principle and reporting on every tiny mistake I made from having the wrong date to not posting every single thing on google classroom to misplacing quiz copies. Our school has no rules or discipline policy and I am only a second year, a teacher so I read a book on positive discipline created my own poster of rules. I don't know it's hard I mean I am teaching subjects I never studied myself Geography and Government and I was hired to do it in this really creative interactive way. It takes a lot out of me teaching a subject matter for the first time and classroom discipline.

But all of the professional observations of me were positive one person who likes the curriculum director of the network always really enjoyed my classes. In the middle of the year of the dean had his official observation and it was undeniably a good class. He stated that only 17 out of 23 students were actively debating their opinion on the Syrian Refugee crisis. Students drew information from WWII all the previous units we had studied in Geography and beyond. Even students with severe disabilities were debating. He couldn't help but give me a positive review.

As time went on the dean started coming into my class for like 10-minute observations he would then only write negative comments some of them fabricated like I didn't have an agenda. Or complain that I was writing directions on the whiteboard during a class or say I had no cell phone policy when he observed me peacefully take a cellphone from someone. Or that I walked towards not away from a student. Or didn't choose enough people to read a passage. I became defensive I told my coach that I appreciated the constructive criticism but as I discovered only these reports would be used to determine my employment I wanted him to comment on the content of my lesson. He was waiting for me to make a mistake when I didn't or when the students were fairly well behaved he would make something up. When I try to talk to him he would give me this really, really long form advice that had nothing to do with the school's style of teaching or what I was hired to do.

Anyways, a couple weeks ago I was brought into a room with him and the owner of the school and they said they were firing me for not having a good enough rapport with the students. They said there had been lots of complaints from students and parents and although I had some good observations they didn't count. They said I was constantly going on about rules with the students... They owner said there was never any issues with content for the Dean/vice principle scoffed. There lots of things that happened that I don't care to explain in detail. I told them I had ADHD at the time I was trying to get an appointment with my doctor because I wanted to professional about disclosing my disability with documentation and I didn't get in time. The weekend before I was fired I had to write a long essay explaining all the mistakes including a parent who show up without a meeting well I was teaching I had missed one meeting with the parent and I know that it is very bad. I had my boyfriend write up this report while I spoke because I was just too emotionally exhausted to do so. I think he made it too defensive and not apologetic enough. But I sent it anyways it was Sunday night and I honestly just could not handle all of this extra stuff like documenting my disability writing a 10 page document meanwhile teaching full time and creating lesson plans with all of these complex college level lessons that I adapt to for 9th graders from USC.

I'm on Spring Break now and it's all been very crazy I guess the heart of my story comes down to when the dean started to put a microscope into my teaching and I was expected to be as responsive and professional as someone who has an office job in a corporation while continuing to teach high-quality lessons. And respond to him asking me over and over again how often I grade. Even though I was on top of grading. I actually felt in that moment it was literally impossible to do both. I never resent my syllabi to him which he asked and I never went to speak with him one-on-one. In retrospect, I should have just disclosed my disability at that point and told him it was impossible for me to respond in excessive detail to his investigation and continue to teach at a high level. And I would need to take two days off of school or something.

I don't know this is my experience I was fired. Some students say I am their favorite teacher. I felt in the meeting that I was criminal. When I asked my curriculum director for a letter of recommendation she said she was confident I would find another job and she wanted to keep training me on using Socratic Seminar until the end of the year, even though I was fired. I had 3 students transfer into my Economics class voluntarily one of them from AP Government who always says how happy he is... Now I am applying to teach at a private school. Where they have discipline policies, less classroom management issues. Reading other people's posts it makes me think the best thing would be for me to teach college my passion is a philosophy, to begin with at the college level. Should I keep teaching?
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