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Adult Diagnosis & Treatment This forum is for the discussion of issues related to the diagnosis of AD/HD

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Old 06-12-05, 02:08 PM
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Hi Ann,

Just a quick note...I was diagnosed with adhd 4 years ago at 33 years old. It was probably the best day of my. Treatment has made a remakable difference in my life. My only regret is not seeking help sooner.

Good luck, you are not alone.

Best wishes,
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Old 06-12-05, 10:21 PM
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Originally Posted by AnnAnnAnn
Stabile -- I appreciate your comments. In my workplace, it is considered standard procedure to grasp every new piece of software introduced. Because I have openly suggested that I am a bit overwhelmed by it all, this is seen as a sign of weakness. it was one of the reasons I decided to go part-time.


Also to everyone -- please accept my apologies for suggesting that ADD was incurable. It was just my frustration talking. I have secretly enjoyed many aspects of ADD, so I do recognize that it is a gift at times…
You don't have to apologize about that, kiddo. We were just givin' you a pep talk, more than anything else. We've all got ADD, y'know…

You might want to look at the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) when you get a free moment or two. This idea that it's OK to introduce new software packages willy-nilly is not the industry standard, even if there's time between changeovers.

You're not really out of touch here, they are; employers will try to get away with this sort of thing whenever they can, labeling it 'standard procedure'.

But it's not, and furthermore, they must adapt the way that they introduce the new packages or systems to you, if you choose to invoke the ADA.

It's up to you, not them. Check it out. Congress must have lost their minds for an hour or two, because this is truly a law that is on our side.
Peace. --TR =+= =+=

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Old 06-13-05, 05:10 PM
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Hi Ann,

It sounds like you're already dealing with your diagnosis pretty well (just by the fact that you are accepting it and thinking about what you can do)

I want to say that it's really not so bad to live in your car. if you park in the same spot every day maybe you can even make a postbox for yourself! lol

Just by the fact that you've finally been diagnosed, means you are going to have a lot of changes in your life - I know stuff seems bad right now, but don't forget that stuff USUALLY has to get worse before it can get better. Promise me you won't give up before you reach the part where it's getting better! A lot of good things happen out of things we think are bad at first. Don't forget - you are not alone... we're all here to support you

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Old 06-13-05, 07:43 PM
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I found out that I was diagnosed with ADD at age 8. My parents didn't want to put me on Ritalin because of the bad press it was getting at the time. They called the symptoms, "acting like boys act". I skated on ice though school, and graduated.

Fresh out of high school I started working. I didn't start college until I was 26. I studied continuously and found that I was spending several times the amount of hours studing that others making similar grades were. I was able to maintain a 4.0 every semester, but I cost me every spare moment I had. Around Jan/05, my mother told me of my earlier dx. I reluctantly went to the doctor because the semester I was starting promised to be extremely difficult. Doc put me on Ritalin first. Wow. I could reduce my study load because it understood it the first time I read it. Tests went better, and note taking was a breeze. Doc switched me to Adderall, and it is working as good if not better than the Ritalin.

Point is, that you can mutter though life with ADD, or you can take advantage of what medical research has done to help us. I felt odd going to the doctor as an adult and telling him about my problems with digesting the material in my classes, but it was worth it in the long run.

BTW, I don't blame my parents at all. Given the circumstances, I probably would have made the same choice.
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