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Old 05-26-12, 05:48 PM
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Diagnosed 3 days ago with Moderate to Severe ADHD - hello all. (29yr Male)

Hello all.

Recently diagnosed by psychotherapist this Thursday with moderate to severe ADHD at the age of 29.

My Story:

I have personally been through the opiate withdrawal process about 6 times, and it simply never worked, until now.

In my recent drug addict process, I found Aderall. (STOP. Do NOT PRE-JUDGE.) The word 'Aderall' to most people instantly turns to 'drug seeking' - which is widely spread, and abused, which is preventing people like me with actual ADHD who need this medication to control, uncontrollable actions within our selves.

Before I continue, I want everyone to know I have been confirmed moderate to severe ADHD, by a psychotherapist.

I am 29 years old, with 9 years of drug addiction behavior. I developed ADHD at the age of 14, and managed to go 6 years before discovering the impulsive instant gratification of drugs.

I have tried EVERY drug know to man, including heroin, meth, X, molly, weed, fake weed - everything with the exception of LSD and Kratom (which is a drug, not medication.)

After going to psychotherapist, I have finally found what was the cause of all my drug addiction. I know many of you may think this is just justification for use of more drugs, when it is not.

I was using every drug known, in an attempt to calm myself down, from the uncontrollable affect of ADHD within me. My ADHD caused me to discover drugs, and if you know anything about ADHD - the symptoms and effects are simply uncontrollable. With ADHD - willpower doesn't mean a damn thing, because your brain simply cannot control yourself when your symptoms are acting up. You can live with ADHD, without medication, however I personally need a short to long term plan of being on Aderall 6-12 months so I can develop personal habits, and positive cycles of reinforcement, that allow meto wien off the medication and control it yourself. (I think)

It is possible with help to control this disorder without medication, but for most recently diagnosed, medication plays a vital roll. (I think)

Notice how I call it medication, not a drug. Medications and Drugs are chemically the same, the only difference is if you are USING for properly, as directed, as prescribed - not ABUSING for a high.

I am finally one of those people. Please don't misunderstand this post, as I am not a doctor, and never will be. (I think)

Aderall without therapy and properly taken as prescribed - is totally an extremely abusive and addictive drug. (I think)

That however does not mean it cannot be used as a proper medication, hence why it is a schedule 2 narcotic. (I think)

My ADHD caused me to impulsively get into drugs, and once I started the cycle of hard drugs, it was impossible to break without finding the cause - you MUST find the cause why you are using, and YOU CANNOT DO IT ALONE.

My life has turned for the better twice - once when I went to outpatient treatment that helped me discover the tools to defeat drugs, but until I discovered the ADHD within my self - I had no chance of ever beating opiates personally.

All I am trying to say, is that I personally know now, that my ADHD caused the entire cycle. It was something I had no control over, and now with proper help, I am finally moving on. ADHD caused my anxiety and depression which lead me to the horrible cycle of drugs. (I think)

I am now getting help, proper medication and therapy and I have never been happier in my entire life. (I think)

Thoughts comments questions please.

Matthew Roseborough (on the 3th day to actual recovery for the first time in my life.)

(If you want to learn about ADHD or think you might have it - see the BBC Horizon "Living with ADHD" special, it changed my life, as not only did some of it make sense, but the entire documentary described me to the letter.)
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