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Anxiety Disorders, OCD & PTSD A forum to discuss Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Simple Phobias, and Social Anxiety Disorder

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Old 06-25-17, 10:30 AM
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Question Difference Between OCD (Pure O) and GAD

I am being treated for ADHD and OCD as its co-morbidity. I know (Or I think I Know!) OCD means a form of anxiety disorder where the person does some rituals (which are called "compulsions") to get a temporary relief from his anxiety. But there is a special form of OCD called "Pure O". (These are information I got from reading different sites and I don't know the correctness of my understanding in this matter for sure.) Even though I am not quiet sure, I know my doctor considering that my case is OCD without compulsions. I was having consistent thoughts of the agony suffered by torture victims, but worry and thought only, no rituals)

My Doubt is, My symptom is anxiety, means worry without no reason. But now (The torture episode was years before), I have Worries or thoughts about my real life "problems" which my logical mind can easily "let go" as "silly matter".

So we can actually differentiate a worry or anxiety in a diagnosis as to be considered as a Anxiety disorder or a OCD in its "Pure O" manifestation? Even though most of the medications are common, to start treatment Doctor have to reach some assumptions anyway.

Is it something which can be explained in general terms so that patients like me can understand or the "Doctors Experience" is the answer ?


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Old 07-02-17, 05:57 AM
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Re: Difference Between OCD (Pure O) and GAD


I'm diagnosed with "Moderate to severe GAD", which came long before my ADHD diagnosis.
  • Prior to that, I had been actively searching for answers for several years.
  • In considering OCD as a condition I may or may not have, I learned that a diagnosis depends on how much it affects your life...
  • Compared to others suffering badly from OCD, my obsessions and compulsions were quite minor.
I concluded that I would NOT be diagnosed with OCD because my life wasn't impacted severely by those particular symptoms.

In consideration of seeking a particular diagnosis, my only concern is whether it will do me any good or not:
  • Is treatment available?
  • If there's medication, can I have it? (Research indications against taking it)
  • Will the diagnosis itself help me feel better?
  • Might diagnosis make me worse? (Important when obsessive thoughts are part of the problem!)
Given that you seem to have left the worst of it behind you, maybe cross Pure-O off your list... Ditch it... Use that thought-capacity on something else, something that might improve your situation, make you feel more in control, feel 'better'.

Does that help at all?

I must say, I saw this thread some days ago but resisted responding...
  • I no longer listen to news on TV/radio because too much of it is bad...
  • I have that tendency to think about nasty things that happened to other people.
  • I do not want to talk about it!
But I feel much stronger these days, a lot more resistant to triggering, so I'm happy to try and help!

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ADD_Serpent (07-07-17)
Old 10-13-17, 03:55 AM
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Re: Difference Between OCD (Pure O) and GAD

Hello, I like to share my experience pure-ocd and how I've coped with it, so it can be used to help others conquer their pure-ocd. What I've learned from my pure-ocd experience was that these thoughts are in fact intrusive and not thoughts that I would like to have, act on, or be a part of me. As soon as I realized and reasoned with myself that these thoughts were not at all the person that I wanted to be I was able to reassure myself not to worry and that these thoughts were no way thoughts of mine because I would never want to be that kind of person. The kind of person I am talking about is a judgmental, conceited, arrogant, or sexually immoral.

Constantly trying to counteract the intrusive thoughts with reasonable thinking of my own allowed me to eventually realize and be more confident in who I was and who I wanted to be. Now when I have an intrusive thought I just think to myself "We already been through this countless times, there's no way I would think something like that because I am not that kind of person nor do I want to become that kind of person". The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous helped me achieve this sense of reassurance of myself through my return to sanity by a higher power and as well as thorough and fearless introspection (which means looking into one's self thoughts and emotions).

This has worked for me and I hope will help work for others who are suffering from pure-ocd. I used to have huge anxiety panics even talking with my family at home would resort to me using large amounts of alcohol to cope with the pure-ocd. I used the alcohol to drown my thoughts away but alcohol only worked for that one night then the next day I woke up depressed, hungover, and the intrusive thoughts still remained. The pure-ocd got so bad I even tried committing suicide through Tylenol overdose, which hurt so much that I am afraid to commit suicide ever again along with all the risky complications that could go wrong with a suicide attempt. I hope my experience can help others as well as help myself back to complete health, E-mail me if you have any questions or comments. I recovered form the comfort of my own home, but that was only because I was incapable of seeking treatment because of how bad my anxiety attacks would be in social situations, I hope sharing my experience helps reach out to others like me who can't attend group meetings for their pure-ocd.
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