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Old 08-08-17, 01:39 PM
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My life story, long and boring maybe helpful for some

It has been a long time since I posted here and things have changed with the forum structure. I began responding to a thread but this turned into a beast. I hope this tome helps somebody but to believe you are me or that our experiences, solutions, and needs are the same would be a mistake. We are all different, thank God!

As a child with an older brother who got into enough trouble (he was ADHD as well) and I saw the negative consequences, I believe held my hyperactive component internally to avoid the belt, etc. That resulted in very painful, doubling over, spastic colitis although I had no clue at the time and do not recall mentioning it to my parents.

By the time I was in my mid to late 30's with the changes in my relationship with my wife and our having to handle two children, a change in employment, moving from a house to an apartment but planning to move into a larger home, my parents in the hospital with heart bypasses and such (read stressed outta my mind) I began to have an irregular heartbeat, over 5000 PVCs a day. Anxiety and an awareness of all (mostly negative) around me led to depression, imo. I was also a sufferer of increasing and frequent migraines. Over time and learning that migraine treatment (prophylaxis) could include anti anxiety and depression drugs, I decided to pursue migraine treatment from a neurologist to avoid diagnosis and stigma of the depressive label. Amitriptyline probably saved my life but turned me into a sleepy zombie.

Eventually, my first child came of the age (4-6) and was diagnosed with ADHD. We read and went through exhaustive study and tried all of the possible remedies, allergies (found some), pituitary function, parenting techniques, psychological consulting, all of which helped to small extents but meds eventually were necessary.

Discovering SSRIs got me off of Amitriptyline. I was afraid of depression returning and of problems associated with stopping the tricyclic so I got to the lowest 25mg dose and staged down to 1/4 of the 25mg. When I finally dropped that last piece of a pill I was amazed at the energy and motivation I felt!

While studying all of this there was a great deal of recognition of ADD characteristics from my past and present. Eventually, I put the progression together of ADD, strict, old school, heavy punishment parents, internalizing things to stay out of trouble, migraines, stress, anxiety and depression.

I began taking prozac and began excelling at work and was finally happy again and realized that the antidepressants cleared the colon cramps and eased what I later learned was the spastic gut, AKA colitis.

I was at this point when I was diagnosed with ADD, additional proof being in ADD medicines' effects. Finally, I was on the right track and only made variations in my meds as I learned their effects.

Changes through decades saw addition of blood pressure meds and different ADD meds. Financial problems and unemployment (not associated with ADD) has forced me to drop most of my medication of late.

I am now almost 60 years old, still involved in high tech and steady learning to keep up. I feel like I may be able to function with a minimum of BP meds and an ADD med, Adderall at this time but have been successful with Vyvanse for work.

When I get back to work I expect to have to, once again, tune my meds but think I may be able to reduce or eliminate the prozac/SSRI although I have a fear of being without something to fend off potential depression. It scares the heck outta me!

I hope my experience over the long haul helps somebody. We are all different in our internal chemistries, environments, and in how meds affect us so do not think this is exactly what will work for you. It is likely I missed the boat on precisely what would have been best for me.

BTW, talking about the meds and what their effects can teach us about ourselves brought to mind that I have a dusty book in my closet, "Listening to Prozac". I always thought it would parallel my life's story, learning about myself by effects of meds, positive and negative.

I never read it... go figure!
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