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Old 03-10-16, 12:24 AM
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Re: Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT)

Originally Posted by Donny997 View Post
This metadoxine, does it raise your anxiety at all?
No negative effect on anxiety. Its a non-stimulant
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Old 06-26-16, 12:56 PM
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Re: Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT)

Originally Posted by Captain Obvious
To dumb this down: This area of the brain does not CAUSE stress, but it is activated during stress. THIS is the starting point for the release of norepinephrine and adrenaline.

Most of us SCTers feel very little stress... And we think slowly. Coincidence? I don't think so.

There is a supplement called Pyritinol that stimulates this area of the brain. I take it every day. Literally, it makes me think faster. Pyritinol, combined with amphetamines (which indirectly act on the LC) is THE best cure I have found for sluggishness and motivation difficulties.

I am certain it is much more complicated than this, but I DO believe that there is a problem with THIS area of the brain in us SCTers. Because anything that stimulates this area of the brain makes me think faster.

So.... slowly but surely.... we're getting closer....
Originally Posted by MSBE224 View Post
I found that the drug metadoxine has really helped normalize my information processing speed. I finally have something to say when talking to someone. I'm currently taking 500mg of Metadoxine (alcoliv), 2400 mg of geratum, and 450 mg of bupropion. Metadoxine, from what I understand is a GABA antagonist. It helps balance out the glutamate gaba system in the brain. Thinking that our brains are producing too much of the neurotransmitter GABA, which (I'm guessing) is slowing down our processing speed. GABA is a inhibitory neurotransmitter and too much of that NT makes your neurons in your brain less likely to fire. With less neurons firing the brain goes slower, slowing down a lot of our functions (i.e. our memory, processing, and maybe even emotions)
(maybe worth noting burpropion might be a GABA antagonist as well but this is not the main function of the drug)
The drug has improved my attention for certain topics because it has made me more interested in my interests. Just feel like I have regular ADHD-PI now.
(Important) I got this idea to take this combo from another forum called longecity. try and search for "metadoxine lucid" on google.

Metadoxine extended release is in phase III trials, not released as of yet) - Alcobra Ltd- Metadoxine Extended Release (MDX) for ADHD
link to the phase III study-

If the study shows statistical significance showing the effectiveness of this drug, the FDA will most likely approve it for distribution in the next year or two.

Please respond to this post if you have any questions or comments. You should research more about this on your own. Hope it works for you guys!
It's been working for 19 days now. Would suggest taking with geratum (and maybe even bupropion) but you can try without it.

Original post (more updated) will be on reddit. Search SCT and its under title "This treatment works for my SCT". Received this drug from an online pharmarcy. Search for Alcoliv.
I've seen your post on Reddit as well, but I'd been following Alcobra's testing a while prior.

The results are sadly not looking too good from the Phase III trial though... efficacy is barely better than placebo in most of the patients enrolled, but there does seem to be a small amount of patients which receive a significant improvement...

Hopefully, that's most of us who are SCT.

Anyway, just figured I'd let you in on that 6 years ago, another poster here on the forums where actually ON to this!!

However, strangely enough, he wasn't taking both Pyridoxine (Pyritinol) and L-PGA, the components of Metadoxine but ONLY Pyridoxine.

And the benefits he reported... they are identical to yours.

Have you considered trying JUST Pyridoxine and getting back to us?

It would be rather interesting to see if you receive the same effects from that alone - because that would suggest that Alcobra are missing the forest because of all of the trees.

Now... which part of the brain is he referring to...? A section that synthesizes catecholamines? Well, I just read that Pyridoxine is apparently an important component in several enzymes that make said cathecolamines.

Do you have some more knowledge and data that would let us expand on this?

Also, the rest of you, since he posted this, we now know that Metadoxine does in fact NOT antagonize GABA to any significant extent - rather, through a round-about way, it actually increases GABA-ergic signalling - usually this would mean slowed thoughts and tiredness, but there's obviously more to the relationship of GABA and cognition than we previously assumed.

Would anyone happen to know what the half-life of Pyridoxine is? Metadoxine has a famously SHORT half-life of ca 60 minutes...! : O But does the fully mirror-molecule of Pyridoxine also have such a short half-life?

Alternatively, I was thinking of ordering some Metadoxine, and calculate a regimen for how to take the pills - it INVOLVES taking them in public though - you basically TAPE the pills on your arms - allowing for ease of access (this is DAMN important for us SCT-ers - unless it's within less than an arm-lengths distance, it won't get done).

Honestly, if this works, it's bloody well worth a couple of stares because of having pills taped to your arms, and gulping them down throughout the day.
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Old 07-22-16, 05:09 AM
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Re: Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT)

Hello everyone,

(Non-native eng speaker here, so beg your pardon in case of possible mistakes. Also sorry for long post.)

I've been trying to find what's wrong with my effectiveness for more than 10 years already (I'm 37/m/Russia).
And recenty found that I have most of symptoms of SCT (11/16 are strong YES, some are so-so "~"), as described in Wiki:

V..Daydreaming excessively
V..Easily confused
V..Spacey or 'in a fog'
V..Mind seems to be elsewhere
V..Stares blankly into space
-..Slow moving or sluggish
V..Lethargic or more tired than others
V..Trouble staying awake or alert in boring situations
V..Underactive or less energetic than others
V..Sleepy or drowsy during the day
V..Gets lost in own thoughts
~..Apathetic or withdrawn, less engaged in activities
~..Loses train of thoughts
~..Forgets what he/she was going to say
~..Hard time putting thoughts into words
V..Processes information not as quickly/accurately

And, according to Nander's list of symptoms from 2014 (found it interesting so I include it):

V..dislike almost any team sports
V..sports which are ok are: running, biking, swimming
V..morning/exam/social anxiety pause films often while watching them feel much better in the evening than in the morning. Sleep is not refreshing.
V..did you look for places in your work where you could take a nap? were you taking naps?, transparent and reflexive materials in buildings make you tired. You prefer old-school brick or concrete buildings some particular days you feel no brain fog. These days are usually very windy.
V..working hard (e.g. for an exam) over a couple of days make you much easier to concentrate. But the effect lasts only 1-2 days
-..after taking THC in the evening, you can concentrate much better the next day often don't know what to say when someone asks you for an opinion
V..always indecisive (e.g. while buying clothes and shoes) tried many supplements scratch yourself often have troubles finding a partner (if you are male)
V..long and boring tasks which don't require any decisions are quite ok (i.e. you are not lazy and not depressed)
V..often late listen less music than other people

And for those syptoms, they are "No" just because I've worked to overcome it:
-..dancing is the worst kind of torture, extremely mentally tiring have piles of clothes in your room and a mess on your desk

So, 14/20 which is close enough for me.

My most hateful problems are:
1. Melodies that stucks in head (ear-worms). I HAVE to listen to good music because of it so maybe it is not so bad after all e.g., I have Brubeck's "Take Five" for last week as a backgroung music for half of my consious time. But I feel that it's not neccesary and consumes energy and attention and I really would like to be able to "switch it off".
2. Unwillingness to do useful things, easy postponing. I know that I have to do some actions but if I'm not paying special attention to it - it will take forever to be done. 99% of these actions are not awful or even hard - I am just too busy "wandering" somewhere, and try to stop this useful activity to go back to wander again. I miss deadlines almost always.
3. Rumination and sad thoughts to which am returning over and over and over (without necessity or any positive result). The typical case is when I have a little quarrel with my spouse at morning (which could happen once or twice a month), so we both are going to our worksites kind of angry on each other. I love her, but it happens. And, until the moment we speak again to resolve it - via messengers or phone - I literally cannot think about anything else. I repeat dialogs, I argue in my head, I feel angry over and over again - and I know that it is useless, I just cannot stop.
4. I fall asleep easily during the day, but wake up early by myself (08:30 on weekend). And meetings are best sleeping pills for me especially in tight rooms where CO2 is growing over 900-1000 ppm in 15-20 minutes. (I bought personal CO2-meter just to eliminate all possible sources of sleepiness.) Sometimes I have to go to toilet cabin to take a 20-30 min nap

I felt really bad around 2011-2012, each morning I literally woke up with feeling I am in Silent Hill (without real reason for it).
I've visited therapist (neurology) for several times, and I've been prescribed with standard dosage of Selectra (escitalopram, SSRI) for 6 month.
It helped me to cope with sad mood and despair feelings, and I eventually overcome it.

But my current problems were probably the root of depression, and I really afraid that it might start over.
So I decided to dig deeper.

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Old 07-27-16, 09:03 PM
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Re: Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT)

Welcome, I have the sneaking suspicion that this is a problem I could have. I'm ADD inattentive. I read your post and found some of your alternatives interesting.

I don't know what the medical is like over there but there must be someone who is knowledgable about this; find them.

I'm prescribed Dexamphetamine and when it works well it covers many of the symptoms. Sometimes it's a real battle.
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Old 10-19-16, 08:45 AM
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Re: Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT)

it seems I have been battling with a sluggish and just tiredness issue since 1994 and each time I go and get diagnosed with something I get told maybe why this is why I get tired. Right now my diagnosis includes UC,Disthamyia,Aspergers,Moderate depression,PTSD,Anxiety, and ADD. Each time I try medications though I find no feeling different than I have always been. I guess the hard thing is how would I know if the medicine is working if I have never felt normal to begin with? I do have a few days out of the year where I find some energy for a day or two but then it is usually followed by a week of what my family like to say of "being lazy". This new revelation about SCT hopefully will finally give me piece of mind in knowing what is wrong and now the next step is to find natural vitamins or foods that will help me with these issues. Any further thoughts on these issues would be much appreciated.
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Old 06-11-19, 02:50 AM
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Re: Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT)

Originally Posted by Nander View Post
[*]after taking THC in the evening, you can concentrate much better the next day
Where did you obtain this list from ? I have most of these. Also what's THC ?
Born in 1989. Treated for major depression and anxiety since 21 yo.
Tried almost all of SSRI's (none of them worked)
Predominantly inattentive adhd, diagnosed in 2018.
Started with ritalin (worked only for two weeks)
Also tried wellbutrin and strattera
Now: ritalin and medikinet
For about three years local corticosteroid pomades for atopic dermatitis.
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